Monday, July 28, 2008


        Uh-oh, it's ten-thirty in the evening and I just woke up.  After about a five hour nap.  Oops. See, I had to get up at 6:45 this morning, after only sleeping for about three hours last night.  Then, I flew to Portland and could not sleep on the plane.  I just couldn't get comfortable, and believe me when I tell you that I tried about 20 different positions in that seat--with my hood over my head for good measure.   I think I am tired enough to go back to sleep tonight, though. 

     See, sleeping is something that I am pretty darn good at.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was born asleep.  I mean, most people would think that it is a pretty momentous occasion to meet the world--first gulp of air, first glimpse of your surroundings, and all that hullabaloo--and so would make sure to witness it. Awake.  But no, I just decided it sounded like a good opportunity to get in one more nap, I guess.  The midwife thought something was terribly wrong, at first.  But, once she woke me up, I was fine--other than being tired and probably not wanting to communicate so much (I am not a morning talker, give me my space first thing, please).  So anyway, sleep has always come pretty naturally to me.  

    What else can I tell you?  It's Monday, meaning I did not have be Kristine Urich tonight.  I have written two songs in the last few days--both make me happy; one's a funny one, one is serious.  I am reading a new Donald Miller book (he's the author of Blue Like Jazz, and I love him), which is very appropriate because he lives in this great town of Portland and one of my goals here is to find him and meet him.  I mean, he says in his bio that if I am ever in Portland to look him up cause he'd like to meet me.  Sure, maybe he meant that generally, but I am going to take it personally.  It's gonna be a little hard to try to spot him, because I don't know what he looks like.  I guess I'll just look for someone who is really funny, smart, spiritual, unconventional, grew up without a father, and lives in Portland.  Well, that should narrow it down, right?  I am reading his book, To Own a Dragon, which my friend John says sounds stupid because who owns a dragon now a days?  Well, I think he may have misunderstood, because it isn't some sort of manual for dragon-owners that lays out the steps of when and what to feed it, how often to exercise it, and which dragons are both hypoallergenic and make adorable pets for your spoiled child.  It's actually quite good, and you don't have to own a dragon to appreciate it.  Besides, with our current economy, who can afford a dragon?  Even with my per diem, it would be tough.  And I don't think my kitties would appreciate it I brought a dragon home, not to mention the neighbors.  

      I guess the only other thing I could mention is that for dinner I had a very large burger and a very small cupcake.  Oh, wait--maybe that was lunch.  Well, whatever it was, it was delicious.  I have also recently taught my friends one of my favorite games, do-do-dee-do-do-do.  If you don't know this game, then you should find someone who can teach it to you--it is quite fun.  Anyway, there are a few of the guys on this tour who have fallen in love with the game and always want to play it--at dinner, at the airport, in a limo--you name it, they want to start throwing down a beat and throwing out a word.  And I am happy to join them every time.  

   Oh, and it's shark week on the discovery channel all week.  Unfortunately for me, I missed Best Five Eaten Alive tonight because of my nap.  You snooze, you lose--quite literally for me, this time.  




kathiek said...

That is crazy! I have been watching a lot of the shark shows this week, especially yesterday/today (it is now 2:14am Tuesday morning, DE time, as I write this and I am watching Day of the Shark). I saw some of Best Five Eaten Alive. There was this one guy that was bitten on the calf by a shark while filming some show about sharks with Nigel Marvin. You could see his leg as they carried him to shore. His calf was shredded. It literally looked like shreds of cloth hanging from his leg, but it was his skin and flesh, not cloth! I also saw Air Jaws (that was pretty amazing, seeing great whites leaping out of the water and doing back flips!). I was wondering if you were going to post something else about sharks, Jess!

Meanwhile, I am in this terrible cycle of going to bed very late, taking a nap in the late afternoon, staying up late because I can't fall asleep. It's not too big a deal now (except when I have to get up earlier for some reason, which does happen occasionally), but I am going to be in big trouble if this pattern continues too far into August. School will be starting up again before I know it, and I always have a hard time the first few weeks. I am basically a night owl, but I am usually able to maintain a relatively normal schedule during the school year (key word: relatively). I slip back into my nocturnal ways when school ends for the year. I will need the last 2 weeks in August to "condition myself", as John puts it, to a more normal sleep pattern. Well, I really must go to bed now.

jessica Latshaw said...

hahaha--I totally understand! WIth my schedule, I usually stay up really late, which is fine most of the time--except when I occasionally have to wake up for something in the morning. Like today. Ugh...

And that guy's calf muscle sounds so gross...Unlike my brother, I NEVER want to be attacked by a shark. And since I am putting stuff out in the universe, I might as well throw in that unlike my pop, I NEVER want to meet an alien.

Shark said...

Sorry, you've been targeted.

Alien said...

Yep, you're on the list.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Well, I can't say that I haven't been warned, I guess.

Actually, when I read those I laughed out loud. Thanks!!!!

ghamalien said...

You don't even want to know what I have planned for you!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I my gosh, WHAT is a ghamalien?