Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Family Latshaw

    My wonderful brother, Josh,  sent out a bulletin on myspace to all his friends--as well as the friends of his band, Boysetsfire--telling them to check out my music.  Since then, I have been getting some nice feedback and making new friends on myspace.  Here is one of my favorite messages I received:

"Hi, how are you?

We know, you don't know us. We've heard your songs and we like it. Got a very nice voice.  Are you the sister of Josh? The familiy Latshaw seems to be a very musical clan. Ok, we were very proud if you add us for a friendship.  Please, if you listen to our music, tell us the truth about it? You like it or what we can change!!

Hey, sorry for my english...I'm not the best in this. My sister is much better.  But I hope you understand it?!?!

Ok. see (hear) you!
     I listened to his music and wrote him back; it was the least I could do, I think.  Oh, and I "added him for a friendship, " as well.  And actually, I get that response about my family a lot--that we are so musical.  I think we all inspire each other to write more, sing more, play more--stuff like that.  People always ask how it happened that so many of us are musical, and I think part of it is that the one thing my parents made sure to do was give us lessons in whatever musical endeavor to which we aspired.  

     Actually, they gave us lessons in just about everything you can think of!  Between the five of us, we have taken or participated in: ballet, jazz, modern dance, jewish dance, tap, voice, piano, guitar, the recorder, the clarinet, the saxophone, tumbling, creative movement, drama, ice skating, trampolining, swimming, field hockey, football, soccer, tennis, basketball...and that's all I can think of at the moment...But still, my parents paid for these lessons, drove us to and from these lessons (I say that very loosely because my pop was known to forget us more than once or twice), and watched us perform or compete as a product of these lessons.  

   So, I am grateful for that.  And now, all of us kids--including the brothers and sisters-in-law-they are uber creative and inspire me so much--really support each other in whatever we are pursuing.  I am just so darn proud of every one of my siblings, I can hardly stand it.  It just about killed me that my younger sister, Jenna, actually sang a song publicly (a duet with Rebekah, our sister-in-law) for the first time and I was not there to see it.  I heard it was beautiful; and I am proud of her for taking that step.  

  And my parents wrote music together at one point; back when they were more hippy than anything else.  If you happen to see my pop anytime soon, ask him to sing you his hit, Freak on the Corner. You won't regret it. 



jason said...

you can add drawing, photography, graphic design, and painting to that list.

It's definitely something that I'll always be greatly thankful to Mom and Pop for and that I'm learning is actually pretty rare, they really encouraged that stuff like crazy.

I hope to offer the same for Lyric and Ollie.

Peaj said...

Jenna's singing was beautiful.

Jonathan Latshaw said...

Can I add that they never gave me musical lessons in anything and I'm still bitter?

KathieK said...

I have always thought there was a preponderance of amazingly talented people at our church...probably because 1/4th of the church is comprised of Latshaws and Latshaw relatives! ;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jonathan, did you ask for lessons?

but too bad--I don't know why you were exempt from the obligatory piano lessons, at least!

Jonathan Latshaw said...

yeah I don't recall you begging to go to dance lessons or take piano lessons! They just kind of overlooked me!

jason said...

It's a shame, you could have been such a good ballet dancer, too.

Jenna said...

i wish you could have been there that night!

Jessica Latshaw said...

and I actually did ask for piano lessons--when I was 14, right after we had gone to that worship conference and had seen David Ruis play. I was so inspired; I knew I just had to do it, too!

jason said...

jonathan did you switch the bracelet from one arm to another after writing these comments!?