Saturday, July 12, 2008

casual friday

         Today I went to Pier 39.  It's right at Fisherman's Wharf, which is a pretty famous part of San Francisco.  The cool part of Pier 39, other than the fact that is sounds like a trendy furniture store, is that you can see Alcatraz looming ominously across the bay.  Oh, and as if that weren't enough to strike some fear into your heart, this bay is chock-full of sharks.  At least, everybody has told me that whatever I do in San Francisco, don't go in the water--the shark-infested water.  There are stories of prisoners escaping from Alcatraz, only to never be found again...Two words  for you: SHARK BAIT.  

     Basically, Pier 39 reminded me of a boardwalk--maybe more festive, definitely more tourists.  I walked by a stand of the freshest most beautiful fruit I had ever seen.  If that fateful apple that Adam and Eve ate looked anything like these, than well, I can understand their temptation.  Yes, all you theologians--I understand that it was probably more about a rebellion against God's boundaries and the desire to have the knowledge that belonged solely to God, but still--I bet those apples looked and smelled delicious, which was my point.  Anyway, all that to say, I bought a peach.  A nice big, fuzzy peach.  I ate it while watching the water, which was maybe not the best idea in the world because it was a moment that would have been made better by sharing it with someone--namely, Drew.  

    Exploring a new city is fun and exciting, but it can be lonely.  I know, poor me: I am touring this amazing country of ours with a Broadway show, waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!  I am not complaining, I am just saying that it's hard to experience all of this without my favorite person--or even some of my favorite people.  However, I did get to share part of the day with a palm-reader (before you go thinking that I went and had my palm read, or something equally as shocking, keep reading).  She stopped me on the street, practically begging me to let her read my palm.  After I said no thanks, she asked if she could tell me something.  Um, sure...Turns out I have a very strong aura.  Well, maybe she tells all the girls that--but I told her that I was a Christian and she just reiterated that my aura was very strong and very good.  Well, yeah--no surprise; like I said, I am a Christian.  We talked a little bit; I asked her who she talks to in order to read futures.  She said God and I said I talk to God, too.  She asked one more time to read my palm, promising to tell me good things.  I said no thanks again and went on my way.  It was an interesting exchange.  

   A man on the bus was fixated with my purse.  I recently got a new one--zebra print with red piping, and this man was fascinated by it.  Told me that Princess Diana wore colors like that, but not many people do anymore (except me, apparently).  Asked me where I got it--when I said L.A., he gave a knowing nod as if to say, well, of course it was L.A.  He then told me that he would love to inherit my bag.  Uh, inherit?  Like kill me and take it, you mean?  Yeah, I didn't like the sound of that...Luckily, I got off the bus soon after, with my purse in tow.  I am pretty sure that man will not be inheriting my purse. Ever.  

  Word on the street is that my sister, Jenna, may be coming to visit.  This is if tickets are on the cheaper side.  That would be so fun... 





Jenna said...

i pray that i get to come out! i can already picture us riding the trolley while singing the full house theme song!

KathieK said...

I'd like to inherit your purse, too!

min said...

jess- I can totally understand how you felt with exploring a new place alone. I spent a whole day traveling around LA. And while I started out excited and feeling independent and sure-footed, by the middle of the afternoon I was feeling sad that no one had been there to share all of the "ooo, look at that!" moments with me. I am really glad I did it, just wish my special someone had been there too. Keep exploring!! And at least you met some interesting characters along the way... Maybe you could start gathering material for a book you could write. Afterall, you have a knack for telling good stories!!!