Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's interesting how certain situations cause people to pray.

They might not even know exactly to whom they are praying, but still, it's instinctual.

One of my friends who is not religious takes a moment to himself every night before the show. We enter the stage from the same wing, so I've noticed. I finally asked him what he was doing. This is not unusual for me; I ask a lot of questions. But anyway, he told me that he prays before every show, no matter what. He's been doing this since he started performing and it is now just as much a part of his show as wearing a costume.

And I like this.

I, too, pray before every show. Specifically, I pray right as I am walking onto stage in the dark. I try to release any fear that I'm holding onto, and instead ask to be filled with peace, grace, strength and the ability to tell my story and tell it well.

How about you guys?

Do you find that certain situations just cause you to pray?

And if you do, how does it make you feel?


Mom said...

Whenever I start to feel anxious, I talk to God. And that can be several times a day. I don't know if I'll ever not be an anxious person, but in some weird way the anxiety keeps me close to God. Also, whenever a person asks me to pray for him/her, I pray right then and then whenever God brings them to mind. The word "prayer" is intimidating, I think, but conversation with God is easy.Our next teaching series is called "God Chat: a refreshingly simple series on prayer." God loves it when people talk to Him.

merry said...

I always pray before I get a hair cut. This last time I didn't pray and I hated it. Mike comes to "tuck me in" at night because I go to bed before he does. We always pray together then.

christine said...

I try to remember to pray before I go shopping. Especially if I have a lot to get in a short amount of time. When I do I almost always have a more productive time and I'm more relaxed. I hate when I forget to pray and rely on Jesus when I have a lot to get done because it's never as fun.
Merry, my mom used to say a quick prayer for me before I got my hair cut. Especially if I was doing something new and was nervous they wouldn't do what I wanted. Maybe I should start that myself.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yes, mom--talking to God is exactly what it is. Interesting that you say your anxiety somehow brings you closer to him, causing you to rely on Him more.

Merry--I should start praying before a haircut, too--that's a GREAT idea!

Christine--I sometimes pray before I shop, but sometimes don't (if I forget). That's a good one, too; I will try to remember from now on.

Also, I ALWAYS pray when getting on to a plane. Um, that one's a no-brainer, I guess. I even touch the plane as I board, saying a prayer right then.

Christian said...

Jessica - no way! I do the exact same thing as I board a plane. Right there, before I cross the threshold, I place my hand on the plane and say a little prayer.

Other than that, I find I pray at the beginning of things - beginning of my day, beginning of a meal, beginning of a hike, beginning of some competitive outing or sport, etc, etc. Its like committing all things to Jesus.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I also pray during boring parts of the show--for people that I love or have told I would pray for or just that come to mind.

Um, not that any parts of the show are boring...;-)

jason said...

Mers - why'd you have to put "tuck me in" in quotations? Is it a euphemism for something else?

Natalie said...

I'm not particularly religious, but I do pray. Definitely when getting on planes, when I get in the car to drive (though then I'm praying for the other drivers more than myself!), before I go onstage, etc...
Also, when I'm lying in bed at night and can. not. sleep.

jeanok said...

A teacher at our church wrote this little prayer for us to say every night before bed. Cuz we were looking for a little more than thank you Lord for Wii.

Watch over Mom
Watch over Dad
Watch over our kids
and the great day we had

Thanks for the learning
Thanks for the fun
and Dear Lord
Please bring peace to everyone

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I pray every night before the show as well. But I do it at home before I leave the theater. Asking GOD to watch over my body, NO More Injuries, And that we as a cast touch the audience, and that this story we are telling inspires someone out there. GOD IS GOOD!!



Nina said...

I pray when my kids are sick. I pray when my friends' kids are sick. I pray when my kids perform, and when they play in games -- that they'll be safe, have fun, and do their best.

I never thought of praying before a haircut or before going shopping. I might have to try that.

I pray before I write. If I ever actually finish a manuscript, that will be all God...

And Jason, I was wondering about that "tuck me in" euphemism of Merry's myself.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Can't blame Merry for making the nightly "tuck in" even better with a preemptive prayer!

And Nina--I pray for other's performing, for sure. I remember sitting in the audience watching Jase play Barnum in their high school production. He had to walk this tight rope and I was so nervous and praying so hard for him!!!

Natalie--I pray in the car, too. But it's funny--I only pray for protection when I am going a longer than normal distance. That's kind of weird cause I know accidents can happen anywhere!

Jeanok--love that prayer--so sweet;-)

JR--I hear that 'No more injuries' prayer, for sure! Love you too!!!

kathiek said...

I pray for John every time he travels. I pray every time I see an ambulance. Whenever my students stand next to me to say the blessing for lunch, I pray for them and for their family. I pray a prayer of thanksgiving whenever I see certain things in nature: like really cool clouds, gorgeous scenery, a lot of green, ice-covered trees...stuff like that. I pray for people in my family, my friends, and people I work with when they are sick or going through hard times (when I know about it). I pray for people when they ask me to, at least that moment, or soon after. That's just a little sample. There's a lot of people, situations, and things I pray for...and you know what I figured out? I still don't pray enough...and I pray about that, too.