Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am not my hair

So I was recently at an Aveda salon and I had a question.

Um, let's say I want to grow out my hair--how exactly do I go about doing that?

The stylist told me that I should wait for a time when I am not in the public eye and am able to wear scarves and hats often.

Does playing Kristine on the National Tour of ACL 8 times a week count as being in the public eye?

It does?

And could Kristine start wearing a hat?


Well then how about a scarf?


What if I gave the scarf a cool seventies vibe, in keeping with the cool seventies vibe of the show?

Still no?


But here's the thing, I kind of want to grow my hair out.

Don't get me wrong, having this short hair and my amazing penchant for bedheadedness has been really fun. I also like the distinction it gives me. And I love not really having to do anything with it for the show--except maybe pat it down if I look too much like a baby chickadee when I walk through the stage door.

But I also miss brushing my hair. Braiding it. I miss the versatility of long hair.

Which is why I actually got my stage manager to agree to let me grow my hair out.

This is pretty big, actually.

When I broached the subject with him, he kept asking me how long I would grow it. I kept saying that I didn't know, but he kept persisting. Finally I had to explain to him that just because I have been given permission to have long hair I wasn't going to come back in the morning with three feet of hair trailing behind me. That it's a bit of a process and does take time.

He said I could stop cutting it this short and we would take it a day at a time.

I am not quite sure what that means, but I take it to mean that I can have long hair again if I want it.

Unless of course it ends up mulleting (yes I just used mullet as a verb) and he ends up telling me to cut it. Which could happen.

And I am well aware of the fact that on a list of Things That Really Matter my hair and it's length is very very nearly the last thing.

Or probably doesn't even make the list at all.

But, what do you guys think? Should I attempt to buck the advice of a hair stylist in the know and grow out my hair while I am super duper in the public eye and could get fired for wearing hats or scarves while in that public eye?

Or should I keep cutting it? least for another six months...

I already know what I want to do, but so many people on tour have told me to keep it short that it does give me a few doubts as to whether growing my hair would have some sort of reverse Samson effect on my life.

I mean, seeing that my amazing strength and ability to slay entire armies with nothing so much as a donkey's jawbone is basically my claim to fame, I'd totally be bummed if I lost it.


christine said...

Jess I think you should grow your hair out if you want to. The great thing about it is that if you start to not like it you can just get it cut. I love your short hair and you really look beautiful but I understand wanting to change things up. Talking about mullets and growing out your hair reminded me of that wonderful picture taken in South Dakota where my hair truly looked like a mullet : ) That picture shattered my idea of what my hair looked like!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I feel like a celebrity visited--what with you commenting all the way from Hawaii!!!!

and your hair always looks beautiful--it doesn't hurt that it frames a gorgeous face, you know? that picture was pretty funny, though;-)

thanks for the advice--the nice thing about hair is that it always grows back if you cut it and it always can be cut if you grow it.

And now I sound like my pop.

Except that he doesn't have much hair.

I just mean that he would say something like that;-)

merry said...

I would just wait until the show is over. That is just me, though. Why mess with success?

Nina said...

You look beautiful and chic with short hair. But I think you should grow it since you want to and have been given permission to. You could at least get some of the growing done over the next six months. It's such a great cut that it will probably grow out well -- and there's no shortage of hair products to help you along the way. And like you've said, if it starts to look terrible, you can always cut it!

kathiek said...

If your hair stylist is worth his/her salt (or hair gel), he/she will be able to trim it in such a way that it won't look bad while you're growing it out. The person who cuts my hair takes great care not to make me look like an's his reputation as a hair stylist that's on the line, too. I get as many compliments on my hair the week (even the day) before I am due for another cut as I do when I have just gotten it done. And, having said's just can always grow it out, you can always cut it...but your hair stylist should never make it necessary to hide it under a hat or scarf. Rock the hat or scarf, yes, but don't hide under it!

Mom said...

Well, you'd be beautiful even if you were bald, but you know my opinion in this area :)

sherri said...

You wear that short hair so well, but hey, if you want to go longer...

I can't believe your manager has the final say though.

Can't imagaine getting to be in that show--sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathie! Grow it out! You'll look fine.

Karenkool said...

I'm always in favor of change if you're feeling it!

How about a wig for the show? No one mentioned that. Of course, I've never worn one beyond 5 minutes for a goofy photo op at a party... so I really don't know what I'm talking about, but the Sharpay wig from High School Musical is the bomb!

John said...

grow it out!!! the monotony of being on tour can be soooooooooo HIDEOUS!! try something new. if it starts looking like a troll doll, then cut it.

ps. you should let kevin know, so he can grow his hair out as well.

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, John--considering that Kevin and I need to have matching hair cuts at all times, I will definitely let him know!

And Kool--a wig is a good idea, but for this show specifically, everything has to look real. I guess because it's supposed to be an audition and not even a show, they want us to have real hair...but for most shows, that would totally fly!

And Sherri--because I am contracted to not drastically change my appearance while doing this show, I have to get permission for any hair changes. It is kind of crazy, though--one company member even got a note from the director to change his eyebrows! Quite literally, our hair is not our own.

Thanks for all the advice, friends!!!

Natalie said...

...permission to change his EYEBROWS?! Wow, that's crazy! What exactly did he want to do to them?

I've always wanted to cut my hair really short, but I'm a complete wimp and can't bring myself to do it.

Would you be able to wait til later in the tour to start growing your hair out, since you already have permission>

Jessica Latshaw said...

He didn't ask permission to change his eyebrows, our director gave him the note to let them grow out and not pluck them so he can look more masculine.

But my point was that basically we have to look like however the creative team wants us to look...

And yeah, I could totally wait to grow my hair out if I decided to;-)

Anna K said...

I think you should go for it! I'm thinking of growing mine out too.
And I agree that a good stylist can make it work as you grow it out.

peaj said...

Do what you want, of course...

...but I like it short, and I am having a difficult time imagining you with long, dark hair.

jason said...

Peaj - don't use your imagination, the image is locked up in your memory somewhere. She had long dark hair to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

(Jessica aren't you proud of me for remembering?)

Jessica Latshaw said...

I am actually very proud of you, Jase--and it's funny I was going to say the same thing!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Anna--maybe we can grow our hair out together and encourage each other through the awkward phases...;-)

Anna K said...

I like that plan!

peaj said...

Yeah, just looked at it again on Youtube... it would be cool if you could have the long curls like that in ACL!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Glad to know I have your blessing!

(provided, of course, the long curls are involved:))