Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the 5th amendment

I got home after our opening night show here in St. Louis and opened up my computer to this.

Yeah, weird, right?

I tentatively asked my roommate Emily if she happened to type a new sticky note on my desktop. When she said no, though, I was not at all surprised.

That isn't really her style.

Honestly, the note had my own dear Drew written all over it.

The fact that it was addressed to Human Owner pretty much sealed the deal.

I called him and he acted like he had no idea what I was referring to.

Well played, Drew Copeland, well played.

When pressed, he finally started laughing and admitted his involvement in the sticky note. However, he will not divulge the details. I told him that if he was in St. Louis and did not stop by to say hi, he was in big trouble.

He pleaded the 5th amendment.
And about that 5th amendment--I remember using it when I was little all the time. I don't think I even knew what the constitution was, let alone how revolutionary it is for a set of ideals written on paper to be powerful and binding enough for us to fight wars and pay taxes together.

Albeit, begrudgingly at times, but still.

I mean, my brothers and I would always keep the 5th amendment card handy in case of a bind.

One of us asks the other if they ate the last cookie?
You plead the fifth.

One brother asks me if I have finally started wearing a bra?

Simple. I plead the fifth.

Honestly, I don't even think we were aware that it was called the fifth amendment, we simply knew that if we ever didn't want to answer a question or wanted to get someone off our back, so to speak, you plead the fifth.

Just like that, plead the fifth, as if we were on trial or something, pleading like that.

And when one of us pulled it out, it was tantamount to pleading parley in Pirates of the Caribbean.

It trumped all.

Did anyone else ever do that? Did any of you guys plead the fifth on a regular basis?

But on to other things.

Something that makes tour chock full of perfect moments is the friendships I have here. Ian is one of those people with whom I am completely comfortable all the time. We have talked about everything--from how much I love Jesus to how he thinks that we will all just exist no more when our time is done on earth to how much we share a love for Jimmy Johns sandwiches and just about everything in between.
We talk about our love for our respective significant others. We talk about being faithful to them. We talk about how much our work gets in the way of our lives sometimes.
We talk about how neither of us have ever gotten high; about how much we love our parents and are grateful to have actual friendships with them. We talk about being dancers, about being skinny; he never thinks he is skinny enough, I wonder if I am too skinny.
I am really glad he's staying till November also.

And John, if you are reading this, don't be jealous; you know I wish you were here, too...;-)


beingawesome said...

Yay to those who we're comfortable with regardless of situation.

As to the and in my previous post.

Unfortunately, this was due to an AIM message session with a friend of mine interrupting my post on your blog.

I feel like I've disappointed you now hahah.

Oh well.

BTW See you in Columbus, OH :)

Emily said...

unrelated to the post, but I love your dress!

more related... it must make touring so much easier to have someone like that to share life with!

Nina said...

That sticky note on your computer made me chuckle. I often feel guilty (yeah, I have weird guilt issues) that my computer's desktop is so cluttered.

Jessica Latshaw said...

beingawesome--so the 'and' wasn't this amazingly deep illusion to the continuance of life and time, huh?

that's okay;-)

Emily--thanks, I bought that dress for real cheap in Atlanta--I happen to love squares so it works for me.

Nina--yes, we "human owners" need to be more mindful of what we put our computers through, I suppose!

Mama Bear said...

I still plead the 5th! Actually, now that I am a little wiser to what it means I say " I plead the 5th on the grounds that I might incriminate myself" and it still trumps all!

sherri said...

I think anyone thinner than me is too skinny!

And, I live just 2 hours south of St. Louis! Had I known you were in town...

Jenna Latshaw said...

you guys are so cute together! and that last picture is fierce!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jamie--I am pretty sure we pled the 5th together when we were little!

Sherri--just two hours?! Too bad you didn't know--and it is lovely in this part of the woods;-)

Jenna--lol, that was a result of Alex telling us to be "skinny couture" and then snapping a pic!

john said...

OMG, jess, i was reading this post and a fire was building inside of me....kinda felt like gas!!! i was ready to unleash my rage on you when i caught the last sentence and laughed out loud!!!

i am so happy for you and ian (not really, but it looked nice when i typed it). i do feel cheated on. i will have to discuss this with my therapist!