Monday, May 4, 2009

ah, the window seat.

Last night I boarded the plane and unfortunately had to tell a gentleman that he was in my seat. See, I wouldn't have cared so much except for one thing.

It was the window seat.

I happen to really look forward to leaning against the window, curling up my legs against my chest, and falling asleep on a plane. And actually being in the window seat is an imperative part of that operation.

I could tell he was unhappy about it, and I understood since I would have been too. I don't know, maybe he has the same lean-against-the-window-and-curl-your-legs-against-your-chest M.O. that I do. We even took out our tickets to compare and sure enough, I was 31A and he was 31C.

Basically, he had the short straw.

He was a good sport about it, at least. Though as he moved from one seat to the next I did hear him mumble something about giving his son-in-law a stern reprimand for not booking him the window seat on this flight.


We ended up talking for quite some time and of course the reason for my visiting Buffalo came up. I told them about A Chorus Line and they were interested in it. The woman actually mentioned wanting to come, but indicated that there was no way she could drag her husband to see a musical. Not unless it involves golf or bowling, was how he put it.

Yeah, it doesn't.

Actually, by the time we touched ground and I had uncurled from my customary window seat position they asked me when the shows were. Again, the woman indicated a desire to go, if she could persuade her husband to come along. Well, he said grudgingly, maybe. If I get the dry wall done, he added as an afterthought.

Hopefully there are other people in Buffalo who will be willing to see ACL whether or not their dry wall is finished.

But maybe if I hadn't made that guy move out of the window seat he would feel differently.


Mom said...

I still feel guilty about asking an elderly lady to move out of my seat that I had paid for because I was scared to get stuck in the middle seat and not be able to get out to go to the bathroom on a really long flight. As it turned out she DID fall asleep, right away, deeply, snoringly, for hours! And I would not have been able to get out! But I still feel guilty.....

Jessica Latshaw said...

You gotta let that guilt go, Mom! Sounds like that elderly lady was just fine;-)