Friday, May 29, 2009

hello summer


So even though I have to do this--
eight times a week during my monologue, it's not all bad really.

I mean, there are total perks to my job.

Take this week, for instance. The Alliance really picked the right place to start off this shebang. While almost the whole rest of the cast opted to stay at the Garfield Suites, drawn in by its two bedroom and kitchen equipped apartments, we chose to stuff ourselves and all our junk into one hotel room (which is on the smaller side of hotel rooms, to boot) in order to be able to enjoy this all week.
Uh-huh. The rooftop pool. Which is basically where I have been every day.

I even swam around in it today. Though my version of swimming is limited to the doggie paddle, the under water basic eyes-closed swim, and the "don't even think about getting this hair wet because I only get it set once a week" grandma frog swim (except I totally get my hair wet). And this afternoon Ian was kind enough to teach me the side stroke and together, we picked our respective apples and put them in the basket while I expanded my swimming repertoire.

But I have a feeling that he ended up collecting many more fictitious apples than me.

There's nothing like soaking in the sun next to a body of water while reading a good book.

And don't you worry about how close I've been to that thinning ozone layer laying on the roof of the hotel like that all week, either. I haven't burnt myself once. I have been nothing if not diligent about applying my sun screen.

Mom, you'd be proud.


Mom said...

I am.

peaj said...


Though, when I saw this statement:

Which is basically where I have been every day.I immediately amended it with "outside of the four hours I spend at the gym every day."

You should have seen the horrified look on the wife's face when I showed her that first picture! Hah!

sherri said...

Show off! ;)

I wish I could do that.

Including relaxing by a pool on a roof reading a good book.

Well, I'll be in Florida really soon, so I'll actually be lying on the beach reading a book....but I'll still never be able to do what you do in the photo.(sigh)

joshusa said...

i could do that pose before my accident.
I swear.

Jessica said...

Of course, Josh-who do you think I learned it from?

Michele said...

Ah, Jess, I may never be able to touch my foot to my head, but I will do you proud tomorrow, at Lewes, soaking up the rays and lounging on the beach! I will also take a long beach walk for good measure. Not sure I'll actually get in the water though :)

Jess said...

Oh Michele--have a fantastic time at Lewes!!! What a beautiful beach that is...happy for you, girl!

Lady Leth said...

wow...that is an amazing leg!

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, elizabeth!!!

Sherri--have a BLAST in FL!!!

Peaj--though I am flattered by the intimation, I have never ever spent four consecutive hours in a gym.

Except when I taught dance, but you know what I mean;-)