Friday, May 22, 2009

like dislike

Things I Liked About Today (in no particular order):

  • having a 4 hour break between my earlier than normal matinee ending and the time I had to be back at the theater for the half hour call before the second show.
  • eating soul food--fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn, and corn bread--at Sweetie Pies. Oh, and getting another piece of corn bread thrown in for free. Holla.
  • going to Ted Drewes custard shop (which basically tastes just like ice cream) and buying a sundae complete with Reese's peanut butter cup toppings for one dollar and thirty cents. I am not sure that sundaes have been that price since 1805.
  • sorting through my winter clothes to send them home tomorrow. It feels good to lighten your load, especially on the road.
  • trading out the usual two show Sunday for a two show Thursday. This means I get Sunday night off. Boom (don't know if you can tell, but that's a very joyous boom).
  • listening to some live blues at an outdoor bar with friends.
  • watching a shooting star light up the sky right past Brandon's shoulder as we discussed childbirth and what a crazy trip that must be. Both of us can only imagine.
  • getting into the cab to go back to our hotel and immediately asking the St. Louis cab driver if this was a cash cab, while knowing full well that they are only in NYC. The best part? He was such a sport and right away starting flipping the interior lights on and off so that we could all pretend that this was Brandon's and my lucky night (as if the shooting star wasn't an indicator already). Turns out there was no cash involved (well, other than you know, paying the fair), but he told us many interesting facts about the city, which was fun. But not as fun as a cash cab.
  • Lokie the dog escaping out of the dressing room, running down stairs and making a beeline for the stage before finally getting scooped up in the wings and putting a stop to his little operation. That dog almost had his debut in a Broadway tour. I really really wish he had.
Things I Disliked About Today (in no particular order):

  • getting to the theater at 12 noon for a 1 o'clock matinee. Ugh. Way to close to the morning for comfort, if you ask me.
  • the woman in the front row who kept standing up and switching to another chair. Or just hovering. But all around being distracting and awkward.
  • the people in the front row who were sound asleep. SOUND ASLEEP. They make beds for things like that, folks!
  • the guy in the 2ND row with the binoculars. Do you really need to see every pore on our faces?
  • being really full for the second show due to the delicious soul food.
  • eating a cookie that was just okay. Totally NOT worth the calories.
  • the guy at the blues bar who spit right next to me, landing his loogey pretty darn close to my foot. Not cute.
  • Doing two shows. A two show day is really hard. No way around that fact. You do everything the first time with the irrepressible knowledge that you will have to be doing it all over again in just a few hours. Then, when you finally get to enjoy the fact that you are actually doing the show for the last time that day, you are too doggone tired to enjoy it. And your main concentration during the show? How best to maneuver your stance so that your feet hurt the least amount possible. And you spend approximately two hours and five minutes doing just that.
  • realizing anew how many pesky papers infiltrate my life and overwhelm me as I organized my trunk and two suitcases. Why do we have to track all of life with so many little papers?!?!
All in all, not a bad day. I earned my check, ate some delicious food while not breaking the bank to do so, and enjoyed my friends.

But I am so ready to not go back to work till tomorrow night.


peaj said...

You're fun. I like your attitude - how you can see the good and the bad.

Jessica Latshaw said...

and how good I am with bullet points, too--don't forget that!!! ;-P

Karenkool said...

I loved the doggie story--wishing lokie made it on stage as well--haha.

kathiek said...

Sounds like a good day to me, too! That really would have been funny if Lokie had made it to the stage!