Saturday, May 23, 2009

city museum

Last night was rocking.

We went to this place called the City Museum that is sort of like a Please Touch Museum for adults.

Not to be confused with the Please Touch Me Museum, which is how my mom frequently refers to it, subsequently causing all of us to laugh and my brothers and sister's in-law to beg her to please not take their children to that establishment.

Like ever.

The City Museum was once a shoe factory, but somebody had the bright idea to take all those floors and shoots and stairs and turn it into this amazing zone of exploration and discovery. Seriously, the whole place is filled with passages and cylindrical tubes and slides in which it is terribly easy to get lost.

They even supply you with a little flashlight at the entrance.

And as if that weren't enough, there is a small bar section and an outdoor fire pit and bar-b-que that sold me the most delicious hot dawg I've ever had (for the low price of $2.00) along with the tastiest ear of corn on the cobb I've ever had the pleasure of devouring (at just $1.50, making my $3.50 meal a bargain. And a scrumptious one at that). And all of these sitting around the fire while eating bar-b-que activities are made even more pleasant with the sounds of a bluegrass band.

What more can you ask for than two guitars, a mandolin, a fiddle, and an upright bass to serenade you?

Well, I guess you can ask for unlimited climbing and exploration...Here's the outside view of the City Museum. The whole building is outfitted with tunnels and rocks and even animals!
On our way up to the top so that we could go down the seven level slide, we came across a magic crystal that mysteriously kept changing colors.
As you can see, it was shocking to behold.

And here we are outside. I am on the far left, in the dip of the wire tunnel. We had just come from this precariously placed airplane in which we pretended we were on Lost for a hot second.
And here I am about to go down the seven level slide (I keep wanting to type seven layer bar instead. Um, can you tell I am hungry?). I LOVE slides. They are one of the best rides that you can find on this earth, I believe. Especially water slides. This one had no water, but it was still really fun cause it lasted longer than the usual three second slide ride that I'm used to.
And here all of us are, up close and personal in that tunnel.
One thing you can say about a group of dancers is they know how to pose.

We ended the night with finding our way to another section in which there were barrels of candy, much-needed water, and vintage clothes for purchase.

Yeah, this place was nothing if not eclectic.

I selected some sour skittles and a bottle of water and had to be out the door at 1 am, bounty in hand.

St. Louis is truly one of my favorite cities so far; what a great surprise this place is.


Anonymous said...

You are really selling St. Louis, it sounds like a blast. I'm sure Louis the Saint, for whom the city was named. would be quite proud.

Jason (your site wouldn't let me do anything by anonymous, but I shall be known by name regardless, blogger!)

Jessica Latshaw said...

oh yes--that must be because I had you blocked.

Unfortunately, you and your inappropriate comments have somehow learned to sneak around it...

peaj said...

I saw the picture of you with the go-go gadget arm on fb. You arm does look freakishly long in that picture. Maybe you are really Elastigirl.

Nina said...

I had no idea St. Louis was such an interesting destination. This place alone makes me want to go.

As for the Please Touch Me Museum, that made me LOL!

sherri said...

I'm glad you're enjoying "my city".

Although I don't live there, my 2 hour drive from a rural So. Illinois area brings me to the Big Little City quite often.
The city is full of fascinating places and great shopping...and food!

Lady Leth said...

So fun!!!! I want to try!

kathiek said...

I love this post, and I really want to go to St. Louis and check out this museum...SO cool!!

Please Touch ME Museum...hilarious!

Natalie said...

First of all, the Please Touch Me Museum thing is hilarious.

And that last picture, where you were talking about dancers knowing how to pose? Uh, yeah, my first thought was "Well, they're all DEFINITELY dancers." You'd have to assume it even if you weren't aware that you're all touring ACL right now.

Glad you're having fun in STL!

Emily said...

I have to agree with you about slides, they are definitely delightful!

The Husband said...

I remember there was a water slide at the resort we stayed in on our honeymoon. It was pretty much you, me, and a bunch of little kids that used it all week. Pretty fun.

Oh, and do you remember when "someone that will remain nameless" gave themself an enema on a really high, really fast waterslide? That was funny.

Jess said...

Yes, Drew, I totally remember that water slide and how much we enjoyed it along with all of the other LITTLE KIDS in line with us!

And how can I forget the slide that gives out complimentary enemas as an added bonus?!

Karenkool said...

I lived in Hannibal, Mo growing up. We visited St Louis (2 hours away) sometimes. I once saw a touring helicoper crash into the river next to the Arch. Yes he river IS next to the arch (hahah). That museum looks awesome--esp with crazy friends. I'm quite humored by all the fun you're having.

Jenna Latshaw said...

i am so jealous that i didn't get to go to this place. it looks amazing!!

Jessica said...

Kool--that is crazy that you actually saw the helicopter crash into the river! Hopefully everyone was okay--but that must have been awesome to see!

Jenna--I totes wish you could have been there too;-)