Monday, November 3, 2008

you're great! no, you're terrible...

      I know that some actors, as a rule, just don't read reviews. Period.  I, however, do find them very interesting.  Especially when they are so contrasting--I mean, who is correct?

      Probably the person who thought you were great, right?


      Anyway, I read this review from a blog called Rave and Pan today, and literally laughed out loud:

      "The comical song, "Sing!" is burdened by a Kristine (Jessica Latshaw) and Al (Colt Prattes) who try a bit too hard to exude the vibe of lovers and who don't quite master the fast-paced snap required by their duet."  

      I particularly enjoy the line, exude the vibe of lovers--I mean, we don't have any sort of romantic scene between each other, anyway; what exactly did she see us doing (and trying too hard at, to boot!) during an audition to prove that we are, indeed, lovers?!?!

     And as to us not mastering the fast-paced snap required by our duet, well, maybe she came to the show in which Colt forgot to sing the word wing and I started scatting unintelligibly.  If so, then I would have to completely agree with the assessment...

    But for every bad review, there is a good one. I found this from Cleveland's Star Reporter:

    "Finally, Jessica Latshaw was hilarious as Kristine, the tone-deaf chorus girl.  Throughout her song, "Sing," I couldn't help but picture Pierce Brosnan being in the same situation when he sang in the movie, "Mamma Mia!" Ms. Latshaw is a very talented dancer and provided great comic relief.  And I'm sure she really is a wonderful singer."

   See, what'd I tell you about Cleveland having some truly wonderful people?!?! And how kind of her so say that I am a wonderful singer, on good faith, no less (since I can guarantee you she didn't actually hear it!).  

    Anyway, like I said, you can't really pay too much attention to reviews because they always seem to contradict each other and you could get your brain in a knot trying to decide which one is right...

    But still, it is so nice to hear a kind word:
            "Oh, but when it's good, it's great. High energy numbers like "Sing!" and "Dance: Ten: Looks: Three" are sung and acted with huge amounts of appeal and vivacity by Jessica Latshaw, Colt Prattes, and Natalie Elise Hall, and stay with the audience long after the next performers have taken center stage."

   So, according to that guy, who reviewed us on the Broadwayworld. com message boards, I guess our duet wasn't lacking the snap that its fast-pace required. 

   I'm just saying.

   But then on that same message board, another guy writes this:

   "That whole entire A Chorus Line tour is a wreck. Nikki Snelson is pretty much the only redeemable quality from the cast. Here's to hoping they get people who can actually keep the steps when they replace the others."

   Ouch.  A whole group of hard-working professionals easily dismissed with a few strokes of a keyboard, just like that.  And come on now, we really can't even keep the steps?!?!

   Uh-oh, my parents aren't going to be too happy about paying for all those dance lessons if, years later, I still can't keep steps...;-)
   So, my conclusion is this: everybody has an opinion to which they are entitled, and it just so happens that some people's opinions get published as fact when the real fact is that they are still just opinions.  

   There's not so much of a science to measure good art, anyway, since it is so subjective and differs according to the eye of the beholder.

    But still, at the end of the day, it is so nice to hear a kind word. And when it's not especially kind, it can still be entertaining...


beingawesome said...

Yeah, I post ALLLLL the time on A majority of the people on that board are jealous of anyone having any sort of success in the theatre and will say anything spiteful that they can in order to prop up their own ego.

You were fantastic, and don't you forget it.

And besides.. you know just as well as I do, most people would last about 10 minutes *or less* with Baayork in the room.

Of course this is just what I've heard.. but I can only imagine the intensity of the rehearsals.

Jessica Latshaw said...


Yes, Baayork can be intense, but she really is a sweet person.

And thank you for the compliment--you are so kind!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Patti and I work in the production dept. for Mirvish. I was the one who booked your rehearsal spaces - including the one where the heating broke on your first day - sorry about that!

Just wanted to say that I saw the show on opening night and loved it. Chorus Line has always been one of my favourite shows ever and I played Kristine in a summer drama class I took a million years ago and so I have always had an affinity for her and the "Sing" song (not to mention the fact that I really can't sing!) I thought you were great in the role.

If you are looking for some interesting places to eat I recommend Toko (637 Yonge St.) if you like Japanese (a fun draw for this place is the conveyor belt sushi bar). Also check out Baldwin Village ( and Kensington Market (


Jessica Latshaw said...

thank you so much, Patti--how very nice of you to say! I appreciate it!

And I will definitely have to check out those places you mentioned;-)

Nina said...

I'm anticipating posting a wonderful review (for my three blog readers!) after we see you in Baltimore. Can't wait!

Of course, I actually know nothing about theater and I'm biased, so I guess that one's in the bag whether you keep the steps or not. ;) Please...that comment sounds like sour grapes to me.

kathiek said...

Jess, I am sure you are wonderful, and I know I will see that for myself if I am able to get to your show when you get to Philadelphia!

Jess, I hope you don't mind if I make a comment to Nina...Nina, you don't just have 3 readers, you know! I read your blog everyday, I am just not able to comment on it...and if I may, Jess...Nina I drove behind a guy once whose license plate read "Aggressiv" (I may be spelling that incorrectly, but you get the idea)! His driving proved he wasn't just bragging.

Jessica Latshaw said...

KK--lol--I will gladly share these comments with Nina!!!

And Nina--I am so excited that you are going to see it in Baltimore; please let me know when, so I can see you afterwards!!!

peaj said...

you're great! no, you're t-- great!

you're great! no, you're terr-- great!

hmm, just can't seem to say that second phrase there. Oh well:

you're great! no, you're really really great!


Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, Peaj!!!