Tuesday, November 4, 2008

he won!!!

     America, America--

      God shed His grace on thee
     And crown thy good with brotherhood
      From sea to shining sea!

      What a proud, noble time to be an American. I understand that not everyone might agree with Obama's policies, but still, THIS is history.  A country that first enslaved African-Americans, then told them they weren't allowed to vote, then made sure that their vote counted for only 3/5's of one vote, has now elected an African-American to be our Commander in Chief.


     It gives me hope for us; gives me hope to see that people can shed their prejudices as they realize that more than not, we are the same.  I feel like it's going to be one of those times that you never forget where you were when you heard the news...

     Because I don't believe that anyone can disagree with me when I say that this dear country of ours needs to veer off the path it has been on for a while now.  I pray that Obama does this for us; that we become a true help to the nations that crowd this earth of ours, rather than being seen as a tyrant abroad.  

    Here's to taking care of our resources, protecting what has been entrusted to us so that our children's children do not need to visit the museum of natural history in order to see a forrest; here's to the arts being elevated and encouraged in our schools; here's to education being revered and respected, our teachers being treated well and given all of the necessary resources; here's to a plan to get out of Iraq in a responsible and expedient way; here's to an economy that will turn around, that will stabilize under a new leadership...

  And here's to (this is a good one) a well-spoken leader of the free world!

   Let's all pray for Obama as he rises to this challenge...cause let's be honest, that job is no walk in the park!!!


Mom said...

As someone who has lived through the murder of Kennedy, King, Jr, Kennedy and 4 students from Kent State, I know we need to pray for Obama's life. He is a brave man.

Jenna said...

i am so happy right now, i knew he could do it!


Min said...

I agree with you Lynn... A very brave man who is inheriting a mess and taking on an incredible role.

Jess, you're right... Joining together in prayer is our best way to support this new day.

kathiek said...

I will pray for him...I will pray for us, too.

Nina said...

I couldn't agree more, Jess, and I am completely elated for all those reasons...And I think there is a great chorus of prayers for him -- that God would keep him and his family safe.