Friday, November 21, 2008


  SHHHHHHHH! Please don't talk too loudly right now, it's 12:51 and almost everyone in my apartment is asleep.  So, don't slam doors, don't walk on the squeaky boards, and don't do dishes...Cause remember? It's 12:51!!!!

  Um, that's 12:51 p.m., by the way. Not a.m.  

  Welcome to the glamorous life of theater.  We stay up late, eat dinner past midnight usually, and hardly ever see morning. Unless we have a matinee, and then it feels like a 2 o'clock show is at the first light of dawn for us.

   The other day, I had to go down to the super's office in order to ask them something about a refund they owe me.  She didn't have the pertinent information at the time, so asked when she could call me in the morning, aka, what time do I wake up?  

   I pause and think for a moment, do not have the courage to tell her the real time I wake up, and so say, Uh, about 10:30...

   At hearing me say 10:30 (which is earlier than I usually wake up, to be honest), she stifles laughter and I immediately feel the need to explain that I work at night and therefore end up sleeping later than normal blah blah blah...She doesn't really care and to be honest it isn't a big deal and I don't have to explain it to her.

   But I still did.  
   I guess I realize that most of the world is up and working much earlier than me... 

   But back to the point, please be very very quiet right now, because it's almost 1 o'clock and all my roommates are sleeping...;-)


jason said...

Something weird that happens with me is that I now wake up between 7 and 7.30 every morning but it doesn't make me grumpy like I'd think it would (I LOVE to sleep in) because I know it's 10 to 10.30 on the east coast. Strange, I know.

peaj said...

Are they awake now?

I've been sleeping in this week until about 6:40am. I usually get up around 6. Yay me. Not my first preference for a wake-up time.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jase--that's so funny that you are thinking," well at least it is still sleeping in compared to all my friends in the east" and that makes you feel better!!!!

Peaj--mad props to you for getting up so early...And yes, as of 3:23 p.m., they are all awake. And...eating breakfast...;-)

The Husband said...

Just as a creature of the wild, sleep is not a scheduled phenomenon for me. I only succumb to the sweet embrace of somnolence when the apparatus that is my body is incapable of the most basic human functions. It is then that I abandon the trappings of worldly thoughts and drift peacefully onto the river of my subconscious imagination, those these voyages are rare and often truncated.

Jessica Latshaw said...

very cerebral, drew

Mom said...

Drew: you get an "A" on your essay! (and I used to be an English teacher)

Jase: You will always think as an easterner. It's in your blood.

Jess: Remember you were born asleep. I think that says how much you love sleeping! Not to even wake up for your own birth!

Bruce said...

Drew, you write like a Transcendentalist--Emerson even! I am impressed. I vaguely remember reading recently that lots of sleep has some kind of cancer-fighting effect. So guys, continue to sleep on and be healthy!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Pop, I know, doesn't Drew become very eloquent when he is sleep deprived?!?!

Mom--I guess I will always love sleep--it's part of my inheritance, since I was born that way;-)