Friday, November 28, 2008

that's right, PA

   I have to admit, I am a huge fan of good old Pennsylvania.  I was born there. Specifically, in a little blue house and even more specifically, sound asleep.

Right, so I was raised on 21 acres of land in PA. 

It was perfect.

I am talking, green-rolling-hills, meandering streams, lots of trees for climbing and dirt paths for walking perfect.  

And apparently, I am not the only one who loves PA.  Apparently, somebody else thought that it would be a really good idea to let Canadians know just how awesome of a place it is.  

And the best way to represent the fantastic qualities of PA--I mean, the absolute pin-point portrayal of my favorite state is what else? 

 A bear. A huge bear, walking around with shopping bags in paw. Perfect, right?

  So this humongous billboard is right smack in the middle of Dundas Square, a sort of smaller version of Times Square.  And it's just a simple advertisement for nothing other than the great state of Pennsylvania.  

  And I think it's pretty funny.  So, way to go PA.  I hope you appreciate your shout-out in Canada; I know I sure do.


jason said...

Well, PA does have some pretty special bears. Them being purple and all, apparently. Also, of course a bear would advertise hunting. Because bears love getting shot. While shopping.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I guess in PA you can actually go to the mall and shoot bears. And then you can take whatever it was that they had purchased in their shopping bags, so it also saves you the trouble of shopping yourself.

Mom said...

I would never think of bears as being the symbol of PA!!!

How about trees, or mountains, or eagles, or better yet, the white tailed deer--the state animal of PA.

By the way, Pennsylvania is only one of 4 states that are called commonwealths: Virginia, Kentucky and Massachusetts.

Or maybe the symbol should be the keystone of a building or arch because of the key position of Pennsylvania in the economic, social, and political development of the United States.

Did you know the Great Dane is the state dog?

Or how about the phacops rana---the official state fossil? Now THAT would make more sense than a bear.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Well, mom, I am sure they considered all of the very practical suggestions you listed as possibilities...But then decided to be on the edge of advertising and so went with a bear. Shopping.

And I never knew that was why PA was called the keystone state--interesting!

merry said...

Just now, sitting in my house in Philadelphia, PA I feel like the state dog should be the pitbull since it seems that everyone has one except for us and they are all barking.

Jessica Latshaw said...

perhaps you could start a petition to change it, then;-)

erin said...

Just think... in less than a day you'll be back in the land of bears and shopping. There were quite a few shopping "bears" (if you catch my drift) at the K.O.P. mall yesterday! Beware...

bluebearr said...

Poor bears, being pressed into service to advertise shopping. Is there no respect for bears?

This ad makes me very sad. And a little angry. Also, I'm kind of hungry. Maybe I'll run up to PA and shop for something to eat...

Jessica Latshaw said...

lol, Peaj;-)

And erin, can't wait to be back in the land flowing with bears and shopping!

jason j said...

I love PA.. All of my family is there, but I grew up as a displaced Keystone Stater... its honestly been a life long dream to live there at some point..

Lynn, did you remember when you guys married us.. Susan and I were very particular to make sure Bruce said by the power vested to me by "The Commonwealth" instead of "The State"

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jason, I am gonna be hoping that you will realize the dream of living in PA at some point. It's a lovely commonwealth, indeed!