Thursday, November 27, 2008

had to honor this tradition of giving thanks.

   Happy Thanksgiving!

   Our dear company managers arranged a catered early dinner for us at the King Edward Hotel, American-style, with turkey and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and apple cobbler.   
It was absolutely lovely.  Though, we had to show some restraint in the amounts of food we ate considering we did have a show later in the day. And that show involves leotards. And dancing. And preferably not throwing up.

And you don't think I forgot about my pet shark, Bruce, do you?
On the holidays I try to be kind to animals as well, so I let Bruce swim around in his element.
  So, I can tell you what Bruce was thankful for today...
   Since Donna, my head of wardrobe has prohibited him from my shoe box, I try to make it up to him and let him swim around a little...It's the least I can do.

    I sort of forgot about him, though, and left him in the bathtub.  I didn't remember that's where he was until Gabi just recently came out of the bathroom, having just showered, and told me that it's kind of weird to step into the shower and see Bruce grinning up at her with all those teeth.  


   So, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving day.  Mine didn't feel quite the same; I miss my dear family and Drew so much.  But, I am grateful for the lovely people who I am with. They make me laugh until I can hardly breathe sometimes.  They let me borrow their pointe shoes (uh, thanks, Kevin).  They have perfectly coifed hair (um, Ian). They remind me that they will be holding mandatory weigh-ins in Philly (bring it, John). They stretch my feet (ouch, Brandon).  They brag to everyone they know about how quickly I read the Twilight Series books (what a proud stage mom, Gabi).  And they come back from time to time to hold shabbats (Emily, you cannot stay away, and I am glad!). I am grateful for a lot this year, but right now I will say that I am especially grateful for friends.

  So thank you, God, for all of them. 


Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving lover-girl!!! its JOHN!!! i hope you didn't eat too much cause i'm borrowing the scale that they use at the philadelphia zoo. i hear some of you have eaten your way to the size of full grown hippopotamuses (or is it hippopotami). i love you and miss you.

Jessica Latshaw said...

hahahahahahahaha, John! Love you! and good luck getting that scale-I'm pretty sure you have to be at least somewhat strong (like have maybe ONE developed muscle on your body) to carry one of those...

The DJF said...

Hey Jessica! This is Jay's friend, Donell, that crashed in your apartment for the night on Monday. Once again you rocked it out at the concert and I am so glad I got to hear your stuff. It was so inspiring and actually made me sit down and start this writing I've been putting off.

I'm glad I found your blog and will definitely be keeping up with your tour life! I'm gonna list your blog on my "Friends That Blog Together" section so some of my readers can check you out. :-)


Jessica Latshaw said...

Hey Donell--thanks for stopping by! And you can crash my apartment whenever you want--especially now that we are friends who blog together;-)

erin said...

Jess, are you bringing Bruce back home with you? I really need to get a good look at him. How big is he really? He looks like he took up a good part of the bathtub but I imagined him tiny when I imagined him in the prop box! And he looks very real.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh yeah, erin, I am definitely bringing Bruce home with me. Besides, after he saw the advertisement for PA, he wouldn't let me not take him there! And he is a pretty big boy. Well, shark. Well, you know what I mean.