Tuesday, November 25, 2008

back to work

   Kristine Urich sounded real pretty tonight. 

   And by real pretty, I mean off-key and hoarse.  Um, nice.

    I guess last night really took a toll on my voice; but I am so grateful that I had it last night that I don't mind so much that there's barely any left now.  I mean, if I had to choose one or the other, that's what I would have picked. Still, one of the things that has always been difficult for me to handle is a hoarse voice; it just irritates me so much to not be able to sing.  You know, simple melodies around the house, while just walking around, or um, while doing your job.  I love singing so much, that to not really be able to do it is very difficult psychologically, even.    

   But my friends on the line thought my voice sounded hilarious tonight.  My pitiful little rendition of Three Blind Mice and Jingle Bells inspired peels of laughter behind me.  Not to mention my bass voice as I sang shower.  

   Good stuff.  I really hope my voice feels better soon.  

   On a good note, Drew and I had such a fun time together these past three days.  I cannot stress how proud I am of him as he played last night; he's so talented, it's stupid.  I said good-bye to him, but it wasn't so bad as good-byes go since I will be seeing him Sunday when he picks me up at the good old Philly airport.  

    And I finally capitulated and gave in to the craze that has been sweeping our cast and read that book, Twilight. I uh, read it in one day.  It's that good of a read.  I am now onto the second book, New Moon, and I look forward to not talking the rest of the night and just diving deeper into that story.  Wow, I love a good book.  Also, this page-turner is a welcome change from the book I have been reading which literally chronicles Michelangelo frescoing the Sistine Chapel. Seriously. And it is text-book dry. No need to try to improve on that exciting story with narrative, character development, or anything close to exciting such as a protagonist, I suppose. Nope, just give the facts of how they made azure out of ground glass and that it was as costly as gold...Okay, so the book is boring, but honestly it is a little bit interesting.  

  Which is why I have continued to read it.  I mean, I wouldn't have known how they made the pigment azure, had I not read it, so there's that.  

   Right, but I am going to read now. And not about anybody frescoing anything, either.


kathiek said...

Well, one good thing, don't have to sing well for THIS job! I am sorry it is having such a bad effect on your spirit, though, I will continue to pray for you. I am glad you had such a good visit with Drew, and that you don't have long to wait before you see him again. Have a good read, get some rest, and take care of your throat, Jess. God bless you.

Betsy said...

i'm so glad that you're reading the twilight series!!! i loved them! and i'm really glad that you got to spend time with drew :) love you!

Mom said...

Oh, Jess....just 4 more days! I can't believe it!!!!! I really miss you!

erin said...

First of all, I can't WAIT to see you.
I'm so glad it's so soon! Secondly, I hope your voice is fully recovered for today, and would love to have heard you last night! hehe! Also, when do you start your shows in philly? We want to set a date to see you.
Lastly, I love you so much!!!!!!