Wednesday, November 19, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

          Today the snow started falling and after our first show of the day I was pleasantly surprised to find that it still hadn't stopped.  Nor had it even stopped after our second show of the day...

   Do you see the big blue Christmas tree behind us?  Our theater is right at the Times-Square-ish sort of place here in Toronto. I love where it is--especially now that it's the Christmas season and everything is made to look better with greens and bows and sparkles and lights.  And here, instead of the famous window dressing that Macy's has every year in NYC, the Hudson Bay Company (est. in the 1500's, I am pretty sure!) bedazzles us with beautiful windows that depict some sort of fairy-tale that looks absolutely enchanting.  
    Don't you love the snowflakes? I stopped for a small bag of fries at McDonalds to eat on my walk from the subway to my home; not exactly hot cocoa and marshmallows, but hey, it was hot, at least, and delicious!
  I have always, for as long as I can remember, hoped hoped hoped for snow during the winter months. Being in snowy Toronto right now does something good to my soul.
   An awesome random fact: did you know that when ordering hot chocolate from Starbucks you can get a tall size, but ask for it in a Verdi cup?  That way, if you happen to LOVE whipped cream like I do, then they can put even more of it on top...My friend Ian had them do that for me the other night (cause he knows how much I love whipped cream, I guess) and it was a positively brilliant idea!

  Also, since starting to collect money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids last Friday night, our company has taken in over $20,000!!! Woo-hoo! I have stood at the door twice now, with upside down top hat in hand to collect donations, and have been so overcome by peoples' generosity.  Not just monetarily, either; the patrons have very kind things to say as well.  Tonight, while one of my castmates was collecting the donations, a little old lady who had to be 90 if she was a day rolled up to her in her automatic wheelchair, leaned in close, and said, I watched the whole show, and didn't see one pair of chubby legs--not ONE pair!  You tell the other ladies I said that; no chubby legs!!!!

   When she informed me of this, I couldn't help but crack up, while still feeling grateful for the compliment. We both agreed that she probably had a fine pair of gams in her day.

    Anyway, that's all I have to say tonight. Enjoy the pictures of snow and hopefully you'll wake up to a winter wonderland before too long (that is, if you enjoy the snow like I do)!!!


merry said...

I pray for snow every year. I am so jealous(but happy for you) that you are actually living in a winter wonderland.

kathiek said...

I am so happy for you that you got snow and that your soul is glad, Jess!

Speaking of Starbucks hot chocolate...I LOVE their signature hazelnut hot chocolate! I almost always get a venti (not necessarily for the whipped cream...but I do love it...I just want more hot chocolate)!!

Congratulations on the donations, too, Jess!

K-Ro! said...

aw jess, i love these pictures. I love big winter coats and whoever the girl is in the white coat in your picture looks super comfy!Unfortunately it only snowed today here for a hot sec. But it still makes you feel good when it snows. :)

peaj said...

I love snow! We've been getting a little tease snow here the last couple of days, but nothing substantial.

Wow! $20K! That is amazing!

I haven't seen the phrase "a pair of gams" for ages. Most people don't know what that means. Ah, the forties...

christine said...

Jess, those pics make me very jealous, but like Merry I am happy for you : ) We had a few more snow flurries today but it just teases us with what could be. Noelle is getting quite annoyed that it won't just keep snowing. Hopefully soon though : )

kathiek said...

It's SNOWING here, too! Not sticking a whole lot, but it is snowing!

Jessica Latshaw said...

yay--glad that it is snowing back home! Drew said that the trains were actually delayed because of it--so hopefully you're getting a good snowfall;-)

and christine, I like how you wrote "noelle is getting annoyed" when I bet you could lump yourself in that statement as well;-)