Sunday, November 9, 2008

hmmmm. game night.

       This picture is the result of a game night that started out normal...

  But morphed into something well, 80's style, I suppose.  It all started because Hollie (on the left) changed from her dress into a large off-the-shoulder sweatshirt over tights with sneakers, in order to maneuver better during the games, and someone made the off-hand remark (I think it was me) that she was dressed so 80's.  Well it takes just a spark to start a fire, right? Because next thing I knew, she was rocking a side pony tail and looking for pink lipstick and some headbands.  Then Derek needed to borrow a t-shirt (because he was wearing a button down shirt that was not conducive to basketball), so Colt found him the most 80's t-shirt for him from his own closet.  Hollie was still rummaging, and besides finding the headbands for us, she found some bangle bracelets and threw out a shirt for me to don.  Colt made headbands for he and Derek out of, from what I understand,  an old, yellow-arm-pit stained t-shirt and I was instantly grateful for the never-been-close-t0-an-arm-pit headband from Hollie that I was wearing.  I pulled out my oversized perfectly orange sun glasses that I recently bought that happens to be perfect for this moment (perfect for any moment, really) and the boys took off their pants.

   Wait, what?

   I quietly asked, Um, why are boxer briefs considered 80's? I mean, isn't underwear sort of a...timeless thing? Not just specific to the 80's?

   Without a moment's hesitation, Colt said, Well, really short shorts are 80's and we don't have those, so this is the best that we could come up with, under the circumstances...

   Okay.  Fair enough.

   We proceeded to go down to the game room and play ping-pong (at which I dominated; I am a Latshaw, after all), pool, darts, and basketball looking like that. 

    Never a dull moment, friends; never a dull moment.


kathiek said...

You guys are crazy...looks like you had great fun!!

Lady Leth said...

So fun!

Jenna said...

haha thats awesome!

Natalie said...

This is why normal people think theatre people are crazy.
Never a dull moment with the ACL cast, is there?
Oh, and there is an "ACL comes to Philadelphia!" commercial on as I speak, erm, type. =]

Jessica Latshaw said...

really? how cool!

and nope--NEVER a dull moment;-)