Monday, November 17, 2008


   Lately, I have been making cards.  Maybe it's a girl thing (at least, there aren't many guys I know who love cards as much as I do), or maybe it's just a me thing. But the thing is, stationary shops are some of my favorite places; I could and have spent hours in them, picking out just the right card for somebody.  

   Drew is not a great lover of cards, but for my sake, he has (mostly) remembered to pick out a special card for me when the occasion calls for it.  In fact, the last two anniversaries we celebrated ended up with me receiving the exact same card from him. Both times.  The second time I opened the card, I still really liked it. I read it, exclaimed over how pretty is was, and then told him that I liked it even better than the last time he gave it to me.  Huh? he said.  So I proceeded to go to my drawer and pull out an identical, pale green card that says wife in a tiny circle in the center so that I could show it to him.

   We both had a good laugh over it.  

    Anyway, I thought I would share the captions for the cards I've recently made for some very special people.  Bear in mind, they generally accompany a picture of some sort, so you'll have to use your imagination...

      But I thought lightning never strikes twice in the same place, said the girl. Well, said the fairy, that is only partly true. If it is the good kind of lightning--the kind that makes life brighter, more vibrant, and burns away the bad stuff--then you keep watching. Because it will certainly strike again.

     Looking ahead at the bend in the road, he wondered if he was on the right path. But then he remembered how a straight road is everything that he's not--boring and predictable--and he decided right then and there that this next surprise would be good.

     She saw how the flower bravely unfurled and realized she could do it too.

     Seeing the tree with its roots deep in the ground and its limbs daring to touch the heavens made him stand a little taller and bravely speak his dreams aloud for the first time.

      He thought about Batman a lot and often asked his mom what he could do to help make the world a better place. She said the same thing every time, That's easy. You just keep singing.

      She quietly stepped into the spotlight sensing their expectations with her own trepidation. But all she had to do was start to dance, because then she knew she had all the grace and beauty that she needed.       

      So, there you go.  I had a really fun time making them, and plan to make more.  I even bought some construction paper, some markers (awesomely called pip-squeeks), and was given some glue from a friend to aid in the process.  Hopefully the cards will become more sophisticated than construction paper at some point, but you gotta start somewhere, I guess.


Mom said...

Here's my absolutely favorite card:

on the front: You are the answer to my prayers!

on inside: Not the answer I prayed for, but you are the answer.

Ha Ha!

Jessica Latshaw said...

lol, mom--where'd you find that one?

kathiek said...

One of my favorites goes something like this (I'm paraphrasing): "If you're not snorting, you're not really laughing!"

semi - anonymous said...

Jess, for sure, if YOU had to give up dancing for some reason, you definitely could make a living as a writer. Although please don't quit your day job until I get a chance to see it.

PS this sort of ties this post and your next post together, I am too lazy to make more than one comment tonight. Guess I better not quit MY day job.

Pop said...

I agree with Semi-Anon: your writing is wonderful! Hey, there's this ad I saw today in the News Journal featuring a model for a photo studio who could be your stunt double! It's like they stole one of your head shots. You'll see it when you get home. Very weird.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Semi-A--I just saw this comment now, thank you so much for the compliment; it means a lot--though don't worry, I am not about to quit performing;-)

and pop--they better not have stolen my headshot!!!!