Thursday, April 30, 2009

in which I brag about Drew

A friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend.

This was a good thing. A really good thing.

Tonight, she asked me if I thought he was a loser.

Now, I don't like that word. It's a label that sounds too definitive when in reality, we all get second chances every day. We all need second chances every day. And third and fourth. Basically, as long as we are still breathing, I believe that we have the ability to make things right.

But still, this guy was not worth her heart.

I thought for a moment and slowly said, No, I don't think he is a loser, necessarily. I think that he missed the right path, but that he has the chance to get back on that right path. I hope he does, but that isn't any of your concern anymore.

And this conversation made me grateful again to be married to a man who I see striving to stay on the right path, whatever that may be.

See, what Drew does to bring home the bacon (at least his share of the bacon, since I am bringing home some at the moment, too) is work as a registered sleep and EEG technician. It's a good job, a steady job. It's so safe to work in the medical field; I mean, even this whack economy cannot stop the fact that people need to sleep well and those who don't need to visit a sleep lab.

Which is where Drew comes in.

And let me be honest and say that it is not his dream job. He is good at it, yes, but it isn't exactly his passion. However, he does it and does it well so that we can build a life. Together.

And while I was auditioning like a madwoman in New York and earning money sporadically at best on the side Drew was plugging away at his job, making ends meet and believing that I was not auditioning for nothing.

He was investing into my dream by working hard at the sleep tech thing and allowing me to work hard at auditioning.

And none of it was lost on me.


Drew's sleep tech job at the lab where he has been working for the last few years has steadily gone from okay to terrible. Without going into too much detail since it really isn't my story to tell, I will say that the atmosphere at his work is unhealthy and stressful and Drew is very much wanting to leave.

And I can't blame him.

However, he needed to wait for an open door. Although I know there were and are days when he simply wants to walk out and not look back.

But he knows (with a strong urging from me) that in this economy it is not a good idea to walk out of a good job without another one.

So he waited. And worked responsibly. And bit his tongue while he was at work.

Fast forward to this past Monday. Drew calls me after his first interview at a sleep lab.

How'd it go? I asked.

Amazing, he said.

After one interview, they offered him the job. There is a lot about this new lab that excites him, too, not the least of which is all the shiny new Mac computers on which they work. And the pay and vacation and holidays and communication skills...

Drew put in his notice on Tuesday, will start his new job in two weeks, and I wish to God I was home to celebrate this step for him.

And through it all I remain grateful.

For a husband who both plays hard and works hard.

And for a God who is so good to show us the next best step.


jason said...

That's really awesome. Hurray for Drew!

jason said...

I don't understand how communication skills is a benefit of the new job, though.

Jess said...

I guess what I was referring to was that he had a better and more well-spent time talking with his interveiwer than he ever had with his boss.

peaj said...

Yay for Drew! Good for him!

But, this comment struck me:

And let me be honest and say that it is not his dream job.I thought that being a sleep technician was the definition of a dream job? ;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

not when you are the one stuck watching other people dream!!!!

And Drew is grateful for the job, but there are a lot of other things that he loves to do even more...

Michele said...

Maybe someday Drew can join you on Broadway!

Mom said...

So glad Drew stuck it out and left with honor AND with a job in hand. Good job, Drew! You're quite a man!

Emily said...

That is really, really fantastic! Nothing is worse than going to work every day and hating it. Drew is to be commended for sticking it out. I hope the new job is everything that it seems and more.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks guys!!!!

kathiek said...

That is so great, Jess! Yay, Drew!

Pop said...

It's so commendable that Drew resisted the understandable desire to bag the old job and vacate his discomfort zone. However, he did it right--which will look great on his resume as an added benefit! We're proud of you, Drew.