Monday, April 20, 2009

chicago days

Hi. Remember us?

Because sometimes it's easy to forget about how great we are. Together. Sometimes it's easy to go all business. At least it is for me. You know, the budget, the bills, the don't forget to leave a check for the kind woman who cleans our house because she's coming tomorrow kind of conversations.

But the thing is, I didn't fall in love with Drew for his ability to write out checks to people. Though he can do it with quite a flourish and don't even get me started on his blocky, boyish script.

But no, I fell in love with him for who he is. And talking tasks with each other doesn't leave a lot of room for discovery. Or reminders, for that matter. So this little trip he took to Chicago has been necessary, to say the least.

And fun. Which, as it turns out, is another one of those important things to have as well.

We liked the combination of industrial siding and the burst of spring flowers, so Drew told me to sit down for a photo op. The way my feet feel most of the time, I don't usually need much convincing for that, to tell the truth.
Chicago looms tall right over Lake Michigan.
But don't let the word lake fool you, there are sharks in there!

And this is why Drew is such an excellent uncle. He often risks injury or all around comfort in order for kids to have a good time. Doesn't matter if they are real kids, or statue kids made of bronze. Oh, and he usually only risks his own injury, so don't you worry about him around your kids.

We saw the Ferris wheel on the Navy Pier.
And were very serious while riding it.
Ferris wheels are no joke, folks. They rise 200 feet above the ground and should be treated with care and a somber expression. The fact that they do not even offer a seat belt should be enough to wipe a grin right off your face.

Then we saw Monsters Vs. Aliens at the Imax theater.
I am so glad that over sized shades are totally in. Oh, and the movie was great. Bob is hilarious.

And while in Chicago, we had to take a friend up on his recommendation of this authentic deep-dish pizza joint called Gino's East.
Lots of people had been there before and had left some words behind. My favorite sentiment I saw, however, was this.

And the deep dish pizza was delicious. It was basically a pie and had to be eaten with fork and knife, as Drew is genteelly demonstrating.
And look at the size of that crust, will you? Considering the crust is my favorite part of the pizza, it was a true winner. Yum!


kathiek said...

I am so glad Drew was able to visit you in Chicago...and that you are both enjoying yourselves so thoroughly, Jess!

I love Ferris wheels!
I saw Monsters vs Aliens (also in 3D) last week~LOVED it!~and get this, when Nathan was little, he had an imaginary friend named "Bob, the Blob"!
I have never had that kind of pizza before, but the way Drew describes it on FB, it sounds delish!
I am sure kids love Drew because secretly he is Peter the very least, he is a big kid at heart!
God bless you both!

christine said...

I'm so happy for you guys! That ferris wheel does look intense, I bet it was a little scary at the very top. That pizza looked intense too!
Even though Drew is not Noelle's uncle, I can confirm that he definitely sacrifices for the sake of getting the kid(s) to laugh or be entertained. Noelle is seriously impressed with Drew's talents and just the way she says his name shows that she expects he is going to be joking around. He IS going to be a groomsman in her wedding so...need I say more?

Mom said...

Yeah! You guys are together! Having fun! Yeah!

Mama Bear said...

I was reading your blog with Jackson on my lap and I told him it was Jessica and Drew. He kept saying "more Drew, more Drew" as we looked at the pictures. I imagine that is how you feel all the time, more Drew the better. So glad you guys are having a great time in Chicago.

transfigure said...

Chicago is a great place. I'm glad the two of you had fun together.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Kathie--how ironic about Nathan's imaginary friend, Bob!

Christine--Do you remember how, when we visited you guys in Idaho, Drew won Noelle over right away by balancing something on his chin and making her laugh?

Mamabear--yes, Jackson and I have the same feelings when it comes to that, it seems!

Mom and Mike--thanks!!!