Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jersey boys

Sometimes it's really nice when two casts swap tickets with each other.

Because then I get to see Jersey Boys.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't happen every time, per se, but it did happen today.

A whole group of us from ACL went to the matinee and were psyched to be sitting in the audience, cheering, screaming, laughing, clapping, and all around acting like fools.

Very very entertained fools.

I mean, who doesn't like to see four guys singing like angels all the while never missing a step?
Seriously, I saw first hand why the show won the Tony for Best New Musical in 2006 and has been running on Broadway with ease since then. Not to mention the company in Chicago and Las Vegas--as well as the National Tour.

This story grabs your heart because it chronicles a real group of four men from Newark, NJ who buck the trends and actually make it in the music business. Actually write and perform hits and put Jersey on the map as more than just a turnpike that takes you to New York City.

It was also hilarious. Jersey-style, gritty humor that had me laughing out loud. And the music! I mean I heard all these song that I didn't know I really knew, didn't know I really loved, and didn't even know was the Four Seasons, necessarily--songs like Earth Angel, Sunday Kind of Love, Big Girls Don't Cry, December, 1963 (Oh What a Night), My Boyfriend's Back, Walk Like a Man, Stay, Who Loves You and maybe my favorite of all of these, Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

It was part rock concert and part gripping play and every part of me loved it.

It was so nice to see a show that is totally different from what I have been doing for the past year, too. So nice to see an actual set on the stage, with levels and everything. These actors changed costumes like champs with the girls in different wigs throughout the show and changed the sets seamlessly. It made our show look almost easy.


The actor who played Frankie Valli (John Michael Dias) was phenomenal with an amazing voice. Really, it was such a fantastic show and if you have the opportunity to see it, you should.

However...For the more sensitive among us, be warned that it is no children's show. It does deal with some mature themes as well as use the vernacular of the blue-collar working class of New Jersey. So if you do go and hear the f-bomb don't say I didn't warn you.

Also, the audience here in Chicago continues to be fantastic and I am having a blast performing for them...;-)


jason said...

Sounds great! I love a good musical. I've heard good things about Jersey Boys, too... I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how performing has a lot to do with the interaction between the audience and the performers? And isn't it amazing how different audiences can be? Even in this same city? I just find that fascinating.

kathiek said...

Sounds like a great show! I have always liked The Four Seasons.

Holly said...

Sounds like an awesome show!

I am utterly hopeless at speedy costume changes, I always seem to forget to take something off/on, or get caught on things backstage while trying to get back into position for my cue! :P

Jessica Latshaw said...

Get caught on things back stage?!?!?

I've tripped over things, but luckily never gotten caught on anything before (knock on wood).

I had to get really good at fast costume changes during the Will Rogers Follies since I had about 45 seconds to change from a cowgirl costume into an indian princess costume, complete with a headdress!!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

wait, scratch that--I HAVE gotten caught on things--and ripped open a huge hole in my fishnets because of it!!!

jeanok said...

Oh I love Jersey Boys, I saw it here in CA. I got a chill when you went thru the songlist since at this moment I am listening to Who Loves You in my kitchen.
I also saw Frankie Valli in concert a couple times and he was Fantastic!! I too was surprised at how many of their songs I knew.
great post as always

Jessica Latshaw said...

I would love to see Frankie Valli in concert! He's going to be here in chicago, actually, but of course I will be working...;-(