Thursday, April 23, 2009

whale with hat

I am so excited about something.

Which is why I mention it here.

But first I need to start from the beginning, which is a little joke I share with a friend in the cast. It began in Toronto, and we've mentioned it ever since.

See, there is one part in the show where we are all standing upstage, facing the mirrors. We are holding hats, respectively, and are appropriately beveled. My friend, referring to that section of the show, later tells me that she feels like an absolute whale in her leotard.

Now, I tell her she may be certifiably insane for even entertaining this thought since anyone with even half a brain would say that she looks amazing in her leotard. Seriously gorgeous. And not just normal gorgeous, either; the kind of stunning that makes you emphasize both syllables of the word so that they sound like two separate words.

You know, Gor Geous.


She then says, No, I am a whale. A whale with a hat. And the imagery of that makes us both start to laugh. She goes on to say that if only she were a fine artist of some sort, she would paint herself in that leotard with that hat and label it Whale With Hat.

And Whale With Hat was born. As was an idea I had for a present for her...

My friend is leaving the cast in just one week, so a few weeks ago I call my sister-in-law about a proposition.

Rebekah, I say, I know this sounds really weird, but is there any way I could commission you to draw a cartoon whale who is standing upright and holding a gold hat with the words, Whale With Hat underneath?

To her credit, she takes this request in stride and allows me to tell her the background story.

She's a great sport and an even better talent and immediately says she would give it her best shot. And I immediately know her best shot would be perfect.

I email her this dorky picture of me, just to give her an idea of what kind of a pose I am talking about, as well as the positioning of the hat--
And she sends me this, via Drew--
Now I just need to hunt down a frame in this fine city of Chicago and voila! I can give my friend this gift. I love giving gifts, especially ones with some thought behind them.

And that whale is just so adorable--isn't Rebekah a talent?

p.s. from the images of me on this blog, you may be under the impression that I wear that purple sweater a lot. If so, you are absolutely right. It was a gift from my mom and I happen to really like it which is why I wear it pretty consistently. That's all.


Karenkool said...

Too funny!

Emily said...

that is awesome... actual glitter? bravo Rebekah! and a very sweet gift.

Jen said...

Nice one, Rebekah!

kathiek said...

Funny, Jess...all the more so because I have seen your show and there is not a whale to be found (though there are plenty of leotards and gold hats)!!

Great job, Rebekah!

jason said...

Is the "whale" Gabi!??? Because she's out of her mind if she thinks she's a whale.

jason said...

Is the "whale" Gabi!??? Because she's out of her mind if she thinks she's a whale.

jess said...

No not Gabi--she doesn't wear a leotard, though you might not notice things like that, understandably.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Rebekah!

And I do like that purple sweater!

Mom said...

Anonymous was me by mistake!

Anna K said...

That is perfectly lovely. She will laugh and probably cry (in a good way). What a thoughtful amazing gift, and what a talented artist!

Michele said...

That is the CUTEST gift! And I have learned that Rebekah has more talent than I thought--thin, beautiful, sings, plays piano, has wonderful children, acts, and is an artist! Geez! :)

Jess said...

Michele--I wholeheartedly agree that Rebekah is a fantastic talent, but can we really count "thin" as a talent?!?!

jason said...

I think it's funny that thin is listed as a talent we didn't know about before, too. "Huh, could have sworn that girl was fat, but I was shocked to find out that she's actually thin!"

jason said...

And while I agree that Rebekah is very talented, it's very clear that in this case she merely traced the picture you sent her.

Jessica Latshaw said...

HA! True!!!

And Rebekah IS phat! You know, with a PH!!!!