Thursday, April 2, 2009

rainy thursday

The sun has been well hidden for the last few days.

I enjoy a good rainy day, I really do. It's when it becomes rainy days that I start feeling restless inside. A little down. A little bit like losing myself in a good book and finding myself in someone else's story.

But the nice thing about the rain is that it keeps me indoors. Specifically, inside the theater, playing the piano. At first I wasn't feeling it so much, barely even inspired enough to finish playing through one of the songs that I have already written. It's like I needed to say something new.

Because maybe nothing I had written before fit this particular rainy Thursday.

So I started searching through different chord progressions. And then I hit it. Yes, the C suspended to the A flat was just perfect. I finally knew what to say, knew what questions to ask. I might not get the answers now--or ever--but there is a peace in being able to articulate what it is I am even wondering.

What it is I am wanting.

There is almost nothing like the feeling of writing music. When a song goes from a single chord or a small thought and shapes into a life of its own with a body and a point and a bridge, I can feel like I am lucky enough to be included. But, it's also work. Like sitting there, pencil in hand, wondering what the heck it is that I am trying to freaking say work.

Wondering if I should change this chord. If the lyrics are interesting. If they're too vague. If it only makes sense to me. If any of this matters.

Like I said, work.

And when I first write a song, I am so close to the piece that I have almost no objectivity. Like a newborn child, I find it beautiful; it's newness to me is exciting, untested, the latest best thing. I think it was Billy Joel who said,

I love every one of my songs. Like children, some of them may grow up to be famous, and some not, but I love them all regardless.

I get that sentiment. But I certainly do like some of my songs better than others. Which brings me to the fact that one of my songs is going to be on some compilation cd produced by a company called Quickstar Productions. They sell it on Amazon and itunes, so that's cool.

And wouldn't you know it that they approached me about the song that I least like.


But still, it's mine and I am proud of it. I just sort of wish I could re-record it or something.

But I can't, it's done, and that's that.

Anyway, I will let you know when the cd is available for purchase, in case any of you are interested in buying one.

What are some of your favorite rainy-day activities?


beingawesome said...

writing music+rainy days always seems to be a perfect combination. Not sure why that is .. but for some reason the rain just brings the songs out of me.

kathiek said...

I like to have a cup (or two) of hot tea and curl up in my chair with a book, or watch some movies, on rainy days.

peaj said...

I don't know that I especially make up songs on rainy days. But most (all?) of my songs are in minor keys, so they especially work for rainy days.

Other things I like to do on rainy days is just do some geek work - pursue some technical problem that has been on my mind. Like code up a utility I've been thinking of, or customize my desktop, edit my blog layout, or work on the perfect boot disk. Yeah, I know - it's weird.

Jamie said...

I got to sit in my sunroom (misnomer for the day) and watch the rain cascade in waterfall like sheets with my wonderful 2 year old and my newborn baby boy. We read all the books we had about rain and storms with both of them in my lap and that has to be my most favorite rainy day activity ever. And the best part is, now the sky is blue and the sun is out so our afternoon can be spent outside jumping in the puddles left by this mornings downpour.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jamie--you take the cake, my dear; that is just beautiful.

Michele said...

What song, Jessica?

Jessica Latshaw said...

It's called lifesize sweater