Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter this year

is crammed

with heaven

Let's look for heaven today. Let's see it in the faces of the strangers we pass, or in the familiarity of the smiles of those we love. Let's remember how we were not only created for good things, but were called good, end of story, by One who knows.

And the broken parts in us are made well again by One whose touch is gentle, whose hand brings life.

And the dying parts within us no longer have the final say because Someone decided to make one final statement by his life, death, and life again.

Happy Easter.


kathiek said...

Beautiful, Jess! Happy Resurrection Sunday; may it be a blessed one for you, even if you can't be home.

Mom said...

Amen, Jess....let it be that we all do as you say!

I miss you especially during holidays! I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Do you have a day off?

We will think of you tomorrow when we are all together....maybe you can call around 5 pm and everyone can say hi to you?

Jessica Latshaw said...

no day off:(

Got a show at 1 and at 6:30...

But two of the cast members are doing an Easter egg hunt for us all over the theater!!!

And I am going to a catholic church with friends in the morning, which will be cool and different for me:)

jason said...

There are certain aspects of God that only the stark, grandiose beauty of a catholic church captures, I believe. I'd like to do easter at a grand cathedral at some point, too.

Jessica Latshaw said...

yeah--I am excited about tomorrow-I was getting my Catholic friend to prep me on what to do. I have almost no clue what to do with holy water and don't even quite know the proper way to make the sign of the cross.

I am relying on some grace, for sure.

Jessica Latshaw said...

And mom--you should watch what you say when you declare-

"let it be that we all do as you say!"

Cause that might not always be the best idea, lol;-)

Mom said...

Oh, didn't quite mean it that way!!!!

Mom said...

I loved going to the Catholic Church with my dad. Part of that was it was with my dad and I was the only one who went with him. So it was my time with him. I seriously thought of becoming Catholic at one point. I love the mystery, the liturgy, some of the music. At one point in a mass, I so strongly felt God's Presence that I looked around shocked that no one was falling to the ground! Have a good time today!

Nina said...

That was beautiful Jess...All day I've had one part of the liturgy stuck in my head. It says, "Christ is risen. Therefore let us keep the feast." Happy Easter to you...Christ is risen. Glad you could keep the feast with some friends while you travel.

branks. said...

did you get a new fancy camera? i swear your pictures trump anything i get on my cybershot.. i am supremely envious of your skills.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks Bree! That is the first time anyone has ever said I take good pictures!!!

To be honest, drew did get me a nice new camera and it also doesn't hurt that I get to go to some pretty beautiful places (as do you!)