Tuesday, February 3, 2009

whistling and getting up

   You know it's time to turn off the television when you glance up just in time to see an infomercial that is selling the new cd, "Whistle while you work"--the only cd, to my knowledge, that is made up exclusively of whistling.  Needless to say, I did not jump up and dial the numbers that were flashing across the bottom of the screen and order it.

   Can you blame me?

    I will, however, say that it is rather impressive to me.  See, I can barely even make a sound with my whistler. I mean, I can make a slight, very weak tone--but I honestly have no idea, can not even fathom, being able to change pitches with a whistle.

   I give mad props to people who can merrily whistle out complete renditions of Row, row, row your boat (pop!); seriously, if you did it in front of me right now I would give you a  standing ovation. And I would also be jealous.  

   But that still doesn't mean I am going to buy the album. In fact, the tv has now been silenced. 
   I am going to bed now--at 11:43--can you believe it?  See, I am swimming with manatees tomorrow, and seeing as the manatees are generally not a respecter of persons and will wait for nobody, I have to get up early.

   I am talking 7:45 early. 


   But I am betting on it being worth it.  There are a few things, you know.

    The things that have totally been worth getting up early for--and also staying up for--are as follows (in no particular order):
  • Christmas day
  •  my wedding day
  • my first audition for A Chorus Line
  • listening to my nephew Judah, being born. I was touring at the time (surprise, surprise), and so Darby, my sister-in-law, called me and left the phone on in the room while Rebekah pushed out Judah. So as not to disturb my sleeping roommate (hey Bets!), I was cramped up in a hotel bathroom, phone pressed up almost painfully close to my ear while listening with baited breath to the sounds of hard hard work and then, hallelujah! the sounds of a healthy baby boy coming into the world...It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 
  • a delicious breakfast that includes either melt-in-your-mouth pancakes or french toast done up right--you know, with real french bread and powdered sugar dusting the tops of each golden slice.
  • going to my church
  • my birthday--if something fun has been planned which does not preclude breakfast in bed with a song and a card. What? It's my birthday and on said day, I. Am. Queen. 
  • and of course, swimming with manatees!!!
    Okay, that's my list. What is worth getting up early for you? 


kathiek said...

Well, since it is 12:21 a.m. as I begin to write this and I had to type the word "receive" 3-4 times (in the e-mail I sent prior to reading this blog post...which I just typed as "blob" post, btw) because I kept typing gibberish, I think I will go to bed and let you know later today what I don't mind getting up early for.

The DJF said...

peaj said...

Apparently, reading a science fiction story from the '30s is worth getting up for, as I was up at six doing just that. And not exercising. :-(

Getting up at 5 or 5:30 to see my kids off on mission trips is worth it. Can't miss that.

When you do learn to whistle, use it to whistle the blues. It is so fun, IMHO.

Mom said...

Getting up early: I usually get up early and love it because that's when I have energy. However, with the adoption of Strider with whom I get up at 4:30 AM to let him relieve himself, I go back to sleep by 5:30 and now sleep until 7:30 AM. This has really thrown me off schedule!

For me, the question might be: what is it worth staying up late for. My list is very short:

1. Seeing a Broadway play with Jessica in it.
2. Seeing any of my kids performing at night
That might be it!

Emily said...

I was watching "10 items or less" last night... that must have been what you saw... while the girls were playing jackinthebox with bedtime, I was watching the silliest show... and the main character recorded a whistling album and tried to sell it on the home shopping network. someone told him that whistling was the one thing he was good at. how sad! but kinda funny... or it's a bizarre coincidence that there really was a whistling album on the market...

Jenna Latshaw said...

hmm i'm not really sure whats worth getting up for. i love sleep!

you got a phone call when judah was born?! i wasn't invited or got any calls for his birth. RUDE!!!!!

Jonathan Latshaw said...

Jess, come on, you know you've been a bit grumpy about waking up early for WT practice and church!

That is a really neat memory you had about Judah being born. How many people can say they listened to their nephew being born in the bathroom of a hotel?

kathiek said...

In no particular order, I would get up early for:

*anything having to do with my granddaughter
*seeing John off on a business trip
*anything for church
*going on any trip or outing or shopping with John
*getting my hair done (if there was no other time I could get an appointment) or getting a facial
*a plane trip to anywhere

As for staying up late, I need no particular incentive or reason, I do it all the time!

Nina said...

I would get up early for almost anything...and I would definitely get up early to swim with manatees. More telling for a morning person like me is that I would stay up late for that too.

And speaking of manatees, there's an awesome children's folk singer in the Philadelphia area who sings a great song called "A Manatee Sneezed on Me." His name is John Flynn and all his songs are fun to listen to with kids. Not that you were asking...

Jessica Latshaw said...

Nina--that song sounds awesome--I wish I knew it; I could have serenaded the manatees today!

Emily--lol, that must have been it. I really wasn't paying attention, and when that did finally get my attention, I decided enough was enough as far as tv was concerned!

great lists, everyone! and jonathan I was sometimes a bit grumpy getting up so early for WT practice--but I was THERE, wasn't I? Proof that I thought it was worth getting up for!

josharama said...

um things worth getting up early for....
work? really noone said that?
make eggs for annoying kids
Disney World! Mom Ive seen you up late for that!
swimming with girlatees...these are female manatees?
(the above was a test joke...does it work?)
the Olympics! SIKE
checking sad....
travelling to vacation
college classes
door knocks ....these are so scary! nowadays do people ever just stop by? only scary stuff!
make sunshine breakfast
make sourdough bread
invent new rubicks cube

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, Disney world is a definite thing worth getting up for--or staying up for! and I suppose work would be worth getting up for-since all of us wanna pay our bills and eat our meals, etc!

Pop said...

True, I'm an expert whisler. But I have no vibrato in my whisler, alas. Those who do amaze me. Mountains yet to climb.