Monday, February 23, 2009

key west or bust

   Some Monday nights I go to the grocery store, watch Intervention, and call it a night. I am content in the fact that I am not working, that I have snacks and peanut butter nearby, and that my feet don't hurt. 

   Or sometimes I end up in Key West, sitting on this balcony with Drew, 
listening to a live band with a fierce trumpet player crank out some bossanova. And while they break, I can hear the ocean lapping against the shore while the rest of us stand mystified, happy to be party to the nightly pull between waves and sand, moon and wind. 

  Last night we decided to drive to the bottom of our country, so well, we did. 

  We set out this morning, after having eaten out oatmeal and raisin bran crunch, respectively.

   Drew was lucky enough to put on my red sunglasses and I was lucky enough to be with him.  
   Even if we hadn't had a GPS navigating for us, we would have known we were on the right course as soon as we saw this:
   And any lingering doubts we might have had were completely erased by this:
  Truly, this was one of the most beautiful drives we have ever been on. Just a clear expanse of water as far as one can see on either side; the horizon barely indistinguishable from the gulf of Mexico as we drove through, aware of how small we really are, amazed by the beauty of this world.
   And this is what it looked like on our GPS. It looked more like we should have been on a duck tour than in a car, but there you go.
   And then we got here, just 90 miles from Cuba. Every hotel, every restaurant, every thing that could be bought or sold boasted being the southernmost (hotel, restaurant, seashell, etc.) in the country.
    But no, we are not staying at the southernmost hotel in the country. And frankly, we are okay with that. We are staying here, however, and frankly, we are okay with that too.
    Just beautiful. 
Just us.


peaj said...

Just you...

...and all your adoring fans, reading all about it. :) But thanks for taking the time! Sounds lovely!

Glad you guys are having fun and are warm. Just so you can gloat (in a good way) a bit more, it is 27 degrees here right now.

jason said...

That's so cool! I loved Key West! Don't they declare their independence from the US every night? Did you see Hemingway's house? His ghost is there. (Apparently.)

PS. I added the "apparently" so as to not receive any judgmental notes from your myspace friends. But really I mean DEFINITELY.

kathiek said...

Jess, how wonderful that you and Drew get to be together in such lovely surroundings! You deserve it! Have fun!

kathiek said...

BTW, thanks for the picture of the manatee in the grass don't see many of them in Delaware (or anywhere else, for that matter)!

jason said...

BTW, that GPS unit is HIDEOUS.

peaj said...

I was going to write a fake-judging statement about Jason's ghost comment, but bleh, not even funny. Though I don't really believe in ghosts.

Instead I'll comment on how weird it is to see "your my" in a sentence. How about "your my his her its TheirSpace friend?"

Oh, and Jess, those rooms where you are staying are beautiful!

Mom said...

You know I'm so happy for you and Drew! I hope Drew has some color when he returns!

Pop said...

I enjoy not only the lovliness of the pics you send and your delight at being with the husband, but your descriptions too are great. Your blog is at times poetic. Thanks for takng the time every day to create beauty for us.

Emily said...

Jess, that looks and sounds fabulous. I am openly and honestly jealous! and glad for you two... enjoy your time together!!!!

merry said...

I believe in ghosts. Jase.

jess said...

Are you saying that Jase is your proof that ghosts exist?!?!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Okay--we didn't see hemingway's house but we did eat breakfast at this amazing place called Blue Heaven where Hemingway used to referee boxing matches.

and why do you think the GPS unit is hideous? I mean don't they all look pretty much the same--more for directions than aesthetic appeal?

and we did not see a ghost but we did see plenty of roaming roosters. Apparently, Key West residents are quite upset about all the feral roosters and chickens that walk around unhindered. Actually, it's divided some people want to "save the chickens" and some people want to get rid of them.

And I am guessing some just want to eat them.

And thank you for everyone's happiness for us--it was so fun;-)

christine said...

I love all the pictures...I have to second Emily's comment and say I am a little jealous. It's so beautiful. As everyone already said...I'm really happy for you guys : )

Jessica Latshaw said...

it really is so beautiful--and thank you;-)