Friday, February 27, 2009


   I don't know if you have ever heard of the blog, postsecret, but it's basically an online gallery of postcards in which an anonymous sender has divulged something never before shared.

   It's captivating. I read them every week; I simply cannot look away.

   I suppose a secret will do that to you. Especially if you happen to be a pretty curious individual like me. 


   Drew emailed me this link tonight. It's from a blog that has the same idea as postsecret, except all of the secrets involve people on Broadway. 

   They are, of course, anonymous as well. 

   Apparently a friend of his from high school, Aimee Kislin, sent him the link, telling him that he might have a personal interest in #26.

    What is #26, you ask?

Jessica Latshaw, A Chorus Line National Tour

     Yeah, I was just as surprised as you.  Maybe even more so.  I have no way of knowing who made the postcard but I am grateful. How kind.  Hopefully before too long I will be playing a role in which I can really sang, if you know what I mean, but until then I remain indebted to this stranger's kindness.

    And singing terribly for a paycheck.

    And wishing my hair didn't look so crazy bad in that picture.


beingawesome said...

seriously.. broadwaysecrets is the best blog ever.

that's all.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I just now discovered it--it rocks!

kathiek said...

That is so funny that someone would send that!

When PJ and I came to your show while you were in Philadelphia, I remember thinking how strange, and out of context (if you know what I mean), it was to hear you sing so "badly"! Not our regular experience of you, by any stretch of the imagination!

Jason said...

What a nice confidence boost! That's so cool. And I think your hair looks cool.

The Husband said...

I think we know where "Crazy Head" gets it, don't we, Jess?

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha--thank guys!

I really don't like the way my hair looks from the first round of press pics, but there are worse things in life, I guess;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

And yes, Drew--

Poor Ollie is much like his aunt in that way!

Crystal Renaud said...

hey Jessica, thanks for your note on my blog today. i really appreciate the encouragement and support. btw: i think it is rad that you're touring a broadway show. growing up, i wanted nothing more than to 1) be a country music star like Reba or 2) be in a broadway show. i feel super cool that you commented on my blog!! i will now live vicariously through you and your talent.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks for the kind words, Crystal--I am super impressed by the projects you are pouring yourself into, as well!

Betsy said...

jess, that's crazy and awesome and so true! love you!

Jenna Latshaw said...

that's awesome!!

Anna K said...

I LOVE PostSecret! It is one of the blogs that I check religiously--like this one. I read it every Sunday when new secrets are posted, and then I usually try to read it Saturday before they yield to the next round, because I enjoy the comments people have sent in.
And I remember before I met you, when our mutual friend Mario told me you were playing Kristine in the show, saying to him, "she must be a really strong vocalist to pull that off!" It's harder than you think to be off key!

Jessica Latshaw said...

thank you again, friends!

And Anna--I, too, LOVE postsecret.

My friend Betsy and I used to sometimes discuss the postcards we could make. THough once we discussed them, we automatically disqualified ourselves since the one prerequisite is that is has to be a never-before-shared secret!

But it was fun to talk about;-)

Natalie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suburban Turmoil said...

I am superduper impressed with your skillz, girl! And I am checking out that website like, now.

Bookmarked your blog. :)

jason said...

Oh many now I'm dying of curiosity... Natalie, what did you say!?

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know what Natalie said and Natalie, whyever did you delete it? You've been only kind and gracious to me on this blog, and your latest comment was more of that good stuff;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

And ST--I am honored;-)

Natalie said...

I didn't mean to delete my comment!
I re-set the touchpad on my laptop and now if you tap it, it clicks the mouse. I guess I touchpadded the little trashcan thing because the "Are you sure?" page came up and I thought I hit Backspace but it was dark and apparently I'm more technologically challenged than I thought. And now I can't figure out how to re-re-set my touchpad so that it stops clicking on things!

Jason, I said something to the effect of there were at least two other people (not including myself) who commented on #26 with "OHMIGOD WHOEVER YOU ARE, I LOVE YOU. SHE IS AWESOME." comments.
...seriously, what else did I say? Ack!

And, funny story, on Sunday, a friend who I can only assume checks broadwaysecrets and didn't recognize your name must've Youtubed you (yes, that's a verb now) because she IMd me with a link to "this completely awesome girl from A Chorus Line singing something from Beauty and the Beast!"