Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a sigh of relief

       My feet are tingling right now. 

        And not in a good way.

        Why did I have to wear the heels? Well, for the first couple hours it was because frankly, it's my job--but the next three or four?

         That wasn't for a paycheck. 

         Nope. I wore the 4 inch heels to our opening night party here in Ft. Lauderdale for simple and utter fashion. The way they looked. And to be honest they are super cute. I mean, they make me tall as a tree, true, but come on--I'm talking black patent leather lace-up booties with stiletto heels, guys!


         But not if you were to ask my feet.

         You know it's bad when you finally remove your shoes and you can actually feel your feet spreading to their appropriate width once again; the pinching having finally stopped and your bones giving a quiver of gratitude as they relish a little breathing room once again. Speaking of bones, and foot bones in particular--were you aware of the fact that each foot houses 26 bones? That's 52 in total (not even a calculator on that one, guys), meaning that your feet alone make up 25% of the total amount of bones in your body.  

         Whoa. Let's show some love to our hard-working feet. And yes, I realize that to our feet, love may very well be spelled F-L-A-T-S.

          As in not 4 inch stilettos.  


          Believe it or not my feet are not the topic I set out to discuss this evening. Or morning, as the case may be. What I wanted to say is that I am relieved. 

          Wouldn't it be weird if I just ended the post right there? Without even telling you why I am relieved? Ha. Don't you worry; you know I cannot resist writing a little more if the topic calls for it. Or even if the topic doesn't call for it (since I know you were probably thinking that anyway:)). 

           I am relieved because our director and assistant director came to the show tonight. We all get into a bit of a tizzy when they come around. See, they aren't afraid to tell you if they think it is horrible. They've done it before. And simply put, it's their job to say so.  

          Plus, our director is what's called Kind of A Big Deal. He's a two-time tony award winner. So we all really want him to be pleased. 

          And at the opening night party after the show I was quite thrilled to hear our director whisper into my ear, You were quite excellent tonight. 

          Thank God.

          And that's not all. The assistant director, who is quite a dear by the way, told me--

          We were so happy with you tonight. We have rehearsals tomorrow--notes and stuff to go over--but we are going to skip right over sing. It was perfect, there's nothing to change. And the audience was eating you up.

         Thank God again.

          To know that they are pleased seriously makes my heart soar.  We all work so hard on that stage and to hear some feedback like this is exactly what I need to keep going.  Plus, let's be real--contracts are going to be offered again soon for the next six months and it's a really good sign for me to know that the creative team is happy.  

        Thank God one more time.  

         So there you go. That is why I am quite relieved.


Emily said...

nothing is more satisfying than a "job well done" from a person who should know! that's awesome!

Mom said...

Great news, Jess! I know as Kristine, you "can't sing" but honestly the comments by your director and asst. director is music to my ears! Congrats!

Altho' I'll be sad to see you leave for Asia! So far away!

christine said...

Congrats Jess on the great feedback! When you wrote about them skipping notes on your song "sing" I got the picture of you on stage doing your song and it brought a smile to my face. I think that even if I didn't know you I would have loved that song the best. You're just so darn funny doing it!

Jessica Latshaw said...

but if I do go to Asia, I'll only be there for 4 weeks;-)

and Christine--I bet it doesn't hurt that my character shares a first name with you, too:-)

peaj said...

Yay you!

Jenna Latshaw said...

that's awesome jess! i'm glad they gave you such great feedback!

and those shoes are HOT! beauty is pain jess. beauty is pain.

John Carroll said...

well, you are AMAZING in the show :)!!!

kathiek said...

Congratulations, Jess!

I remember those shoes from your other post...they ARE killer, I guess in more ways than one!

Where in Asia (if you go)?

Jessica Latshaw said...

thank you so much, friends!

And John--YOU were amazing in the show;-)

IF I go to Asia, it would be three weeks in Tokyo and one week in Hyogo.

Pop said...

Congrats to the absolute BEST Kristine in the world performing right now in ACL! We're delighted for you.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I'd like to humbly submit that I am ONE of the best, proudly singing off-key, taking my place among the multitude of great Kristines who have gone on before me and will go on after me...but thanks for thinking that, Pop;-)