Sunday, February 22, 2009

i don't mind this at all

   Today was idyllic. Work was just a minor distraction; I had to fit in two shows around admiring this sunset besides Drew. 
     It was tricky, but I managed to do it.

    Yes, I had two shows today and no, I would rather have not had two shows today but I have learned that nurturing a feeling of dread is really just a waste of energy. If something has to be done, you might as well plant yourself there and do it with gusto. But then there's nothing wrong with packing up your make-up, pulling your jeans on as fast as humanly possible, and darting out the theater through the crowds of patrons to meet your husband. There's nothing wrong with not looking back and being really very glad to have taken that well-worn leotard off for the day.  

   As we walked along the marina we were happy to notice our own Delaware representing here in Ft. Lauderdale.  The writing is faint in this photo, but you can make out the Wilmington, De if you look extra hard. 
  And yes, I realize I need a camera with a zoom lens.  

  We sat on a bench and just dreamt together for a while. 
   We painted pictures of our future with words. 

   Looking back through the prose, you can clearly make out a boat--which Drew informed me is named either Brian Dawkins or Weapon X--a dog that will either be a mutt that we rescue or a puppy we adopt from a breeder, depending on which one of us you ask, I guess, and a little boy who has long hair. 

   We like it when little boys have longish curls. So, until he wants us to cut it, his hair will grow. Unless, of course, we change our mind. Or unless ,of course, he has no curls. 

   And tomorrow? No need to fit sunsets between two shows because I don't have two shows.

   I don't even have one show...


jason said...

Not a complaint really, but just an honest question. Why would you put the picture of the sunset in sepia, so we can't see the colors?

Long haired boy sounds cute. Not sure about the curls, though... where do you think you're going to get them?

How will the cats feel about that dog?

Jessica Latshaw said...

I don't know--I have been playing with editing in iphoto and just liked the way it looked.

Drew had curls when he was a little boy--But I didn't have any (and I was a little girl) so we will see what happens.

They will definitely NOT like the dog. But hopefully will get used to it eventually. And the dog wouldn't come into the picture for a while still...

Jessica Latshaw said...

And I am glad you feel the freedom to ask an honest question here.

peaj said...

Love the Eagles references, including Drew's shirt. Made me chuckle.

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, well you can always count on Drew to refer to the Eagles;-)