Tuesday, February 24, 2009

and then there was one

  Drew usually visits bearing some sort of gift or another for me. It's not usually the kind of gift that I would think to get myself, true (read: clothes and cards. Not that I get myself cards; that would be quite pitiful, wouldn't it?), but still, his gifts make me very very happy and generally make life better.

   This time, he brought me ipod speakers that magically hook up to my mac's itunes through the equally magical device called an airport express (which was a gift when he came to visit me in Toronto).  Because of this, music is filling my hotel room, transforming what was once so generic and bland into a place filled with creativity and individuality.

   Oh, and I prefer to call scientific things that do not make sense to me magical. It's just fun.    

   He also brought me a toothbrush. A pink, electric one. He knows that I am pretty hard on my toothbrushes and they wear out quickly, and I appreciate his thoughtfulness.  It makes me smile. 

   And for Valentine's Day?  

   A website. 

   This is not roses, not chocolate, not even anything that is remotely pink, but I love this gift. And though it is still under construction, I am psyched about it. Again, how thoughtful.  

   And since I have absolutely no idea how to make a website, I call it magical. You can join me if you like. Or you can try to explain all of the html and bytes and other nerdy things that don't sound nearly so magical.  

   I will let you know when the website is ready. It's exciting for me because it is one specific place for all of the things I am currently doing--my music, my blog, my acting, my boxing (ah, kidding)--all of those facets are going to have to learn to get along because they will be sharing space on the site.  
    Have you ever started fake crying and then surprised yourself with real tears and before you know it you are sobbing?

     Yeah...I haven't either.

     Okay, so actually I have.

     See it was today, just before Drew was leaving. I was in the bathroom and Drew was being cute and started splashing water on me. It didn't really make me upset, though I feigned indignation. And when that didn't make him stop I started a good fake cry.

     I screwed up my face into my towel and only moments into it I started really truly crying.

     Oops. Didn't know that was going to happen.

     Poor Drew started profusely apologizing for splashing me, promising me that he would stop, while I threw myself onto the bed in a torrent of tears.  

     note: the dramatic arts are not just for the stage.

     He caught on to what was happening and asked, Are you really crying about me splashing you (at this I shook my head), or is it more about me leaving (at this I nodded my head)?

      The truth is he can splash me and yeah, it might be annoying but it generally won't make me break down and have a fit.  But when he leaves, which is something that happens all too soon after he arrives, it has a way of breaking me down. Turning my faux fits into the real thing. Causing me to say, I quit the show! in an over-the-top British accent.


     I just really hate the part of our story when we have to say good-bye. I can't wait till Somebody writes us another ending. 


Mom said...

Ah, Jess....Drew is magical and you are too and I hate it when you both have to say goodbye........

Nina said...

When did we lose the magic? Why does everything have to be explained? Some things are just better when they're "magical."

As for this post, what are you trying to do to us, your poor unsuspecting readers? This was a tear jerker!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Mom--you are magical too!

And Nina, yes--I love the mystery of life; you are absolutely right, some things are better left simply unexplained.

And magical.

kathiek said...

He's a quick one, that Drew!

Jessica Latshaw said...

hahaha--yes, Kathie, he certainly is;-)