Sunday, February 15, 2009

manatee part deux

    Remember my manatee excursion? Well, I wanted to show some more pictures from the event. Here are just three of the four brave souls who ventured out in Crystal Lake on a cold morning. Me, Kevin, and Mindy are huddling together, trying to procure warmth. Um, it didn't work so much. 

    I don't remember being much colder. Ever. Oh wait. Maybe while filming the "push-ups in the rain" scene in Annapolis; I don't remember how many times we did it, but it felt like a thousand. And in order for the rain to show up on camera, the rain machine had to produce such a heavy fall that it literally felt like we were under a waterfall. And it was at night, in November. Yeah, so maybe that was colder--but still, we are cold here.

   And just to give you an idea of how very big manatees are, just look at how that friendly creature dwarfs that larger-than-average sized man who is also a friendly creature, I assume.  So you can see why, at first, we were all a little afraid. Of the manatee, not the man. But we were impressed that he did not even feel the need to wear a wet suit.  Um--the man, not the manatee. 
  Although it is hard to differentiate me from Kevin and Dave--who both have short dark hair, as well--this is me. Hugging a manatee. He doesn't look too happy about it, but looks can be deceiving. 

  He totally dug it. 
  Here we are, next to a baby. Isn't he so cute? 
   And seriously, they were out in droves that clear cold day. We were so lucky to catch them in such numbers--or so said Captain Jan. 

   Captain Jan loved us and we loved Captain Jan. By the end of the day, we were calling her CJ. Actually, we even gave her a shorter nickname than that, if you can believe it. We started calling her Seej (to spell it phonetically). 
    Okay, that's all.  Of the manatees, that is.

     Today was a long, full day. Started with a trip to church. The music was beautiful, I sat next to a beautiful brown little boy from Saudi Arabia with black bushy hair who reminded me of the boys from Slumdog Millionaire, and also listened to a great message.

     I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had a one o'clock matinee. Boo. However, Sundays are made much better around here because each one is, without fail, bagel sunday!!!

     Our stage manager is the best and gets us fresh, bakery bagels with every kind of schmear you can imagine. I'm a strawberry cream cheese girl myself, but there is something for everyone.  

   Oh and by the way, why is it that complete strangers think that it is a great idea to give you their email address and tell you to email them because they have an "article that you'd be sure to like"?

   I mean, I am pretty sure that a stranger can't be sure of anything I'd like. And I am positive I wouldn't like that stranger having access to my email address.  

    People can be so strange.

    Oh, and somebody stole the information for my debit/credit card. 

     Awesome. Made even more so by just all of the sudden being declined--embarrassingly declined--when trying to pay for a sandwich.  And having no idea why. And then feeling the stupid unction to explain how I really do have money in my account to a waitress I will most likely never see again. And who most likely doesn't care. As long as she gets her tip, of course.  

    So the reason I was declined is because my card was compromised--and thankfully, the bank discovered this before my funds were drained. 

   But now I have no cash flow.  Oh well, I will get another card soon.
   And tomorrow--on to Ft. Lauderdale. I am looking forward to it mightily as it is said to be very beautiful and I will have access to a car there and trust me, a car on tour is worth its weight in gold.  


Jenna Latshaw said...

oh man i am loving those pics of you with the manatees. it looks like you guys had such a blast! keep taking pics!

kathiek said...

Love the pics, Jess! In that last one, it looks like the manatees have "bellied up to the bar".

I am so glad you found out about your credit card before all your money was taken!

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha--it does look like they are lining up for a drink!

peaj said...

Glad you had a good time with manatees. But I must say - if all I had to go by was the first pic, I never would have thought you had a good time. You guys look miserable! Glad you had no ill effects!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know--we do look miserable in that pic, but we truly had a fantastic time with those sea cows!!!

Tiffany said...

Which manatees are mine?!?!?!


Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh, and Tiffany--I just got you one of each, cause I wasn't sure which you preferred and did NOT want to risk giving you the wrong manatee.

Now that would be embarrassing.

Michele said...

CRYSTAL LAKE!!!! Haven't you ever seen Friday the 13th! Evil killer Jason lives in Crystal Lake! I'm going to have to ask you not to go there again Jess.