Friday, February 13, 2009

rides rides rides!

   I am tired, but happy.  

   Today I went to Universal Studios here in Florida with two of my friends, Jordan and Dave.  And here's another really nice thing--I didn't get in on my dime. I didn't get in on anybody's dime.

   And no, I didn't sneak in either. Like I could sleep at night if I did. 

    As previously mentioned, I met my brother Josh at the Universal City Walk this past Tuesday night for a late dinner. We enjoyed shrimp from Bubba Gump Shrimp and particularly connected with the waiter.  So much so that he offered to drop off four passes to the park for me at the theater.

    Well great. Not intrusive since it didn't involve me giving him any personal information or even seeing him again.  It was a win-win situation.

    But still, I took his promise with a grain of salt. Which is to say, I didn't actually invite anybody to go with me until I saw the tickets. Not trying to be cynical, just being practical. 

    To my delight, the waiter did indeed drop off the passes. Wow. Kindness from strangers never ceases to impress upon me the challenge to pay it forward. As often as I can.  And with that, we were off to the park this morning. 

    And oh my goodness, it was a blast. Serious fun, people. The mummy ride was awesome. Spidey saved my life. The hulk gave me quite a scare with all the loops and spins and twists and turns. Oh, and the Jurassic Park ride was fun...until our boat took an unexpected turn into the Carnivore Paddocks. 

   The same Carnivore Paddocks that, while waiting to board our boat, we had been guaranteed 
we would not traverse. We knew right away that something wasn't right. We did get a little wet escaping from the dinos, but since we weren't eaten and were alive we didn't mind so much.  
    And that's how we acted through the whole park. We took it very seriously and cracked each other up in the meantime. We were maybe the biggest kids there. I love going to amusement parks with people bent on a good time; in my experience, when you expect something good, that is generally what happens. 

   So thanks to Dave the Waiter, today was such a fun time.


kathiek said...

How wonderful!! I am glad you had such a good time, Jess!

Jenna Latshaw said...

oh man i really want to go there sometime! i'm so glad you got free tickets and that you guys had a great time!

jason said...

That park is a ton of fun. SO much better than the Universal Studios here in LA, I'll tell you that!

Jessica Latshaw said...

why is it so much better than the one in Cali? Does is there no Islands of Adventure over there?

jason said...

No Islands of Adventure, exactly. And in fact, the regular park has.... 3 rides, in total. Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Simpsons. None of which are appropriate for kids. So yeah, Lyric, Ollie and I did not have a good time there!

(To be fair, the backlot studio tour is cool, but not so much for kids.)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yeah, I can see how that would be a bust. And we didn't go on the Simpson's ride--but I was glad because I had heard from Kevin and Brandon that it was BUSTED!!!

And by that I do not in fact mean actually broken--I mean it that it was completely and utterly UNenjoyable.