Sunday, September 28, 2008


     I woke up early this morning to get to church. This was a feat on my part, because I failed to mention yesterday that I accidentally slept until 1:00 pm and had a show at 2:00 pm!!!

   And no, that was most certainly not part of my plan.  

   Anyway, church was wonderful and I always especially love the worship part of it.  In fact, I was sad at first because we only sang one song before they had us all sit down and settle in to listen to the teaching.  But they mentioned that they would do more music later, so I was okay.   

   At one point, the pastor of the church (this was the South side Boston Vineyard, the sister church of the Cambridge Vineyard) nonchalantly mentioned that he was battling stage 4 bone cancer and I had a visceral response of sadness and shock.  There was his wife, very calm and sweet (she actually gave the teaching--all about rest); and himself, working and loving others for a living, and then the casual mention of their kids...And all the while they are daily walking this tightrope, where one seemingly false move could take away their family-as-they-know-it forever.  What grace they have.  This is the kind of grace that people have been calling amazing for centuries; you cannot even begin to wrap your mind around it.  You could die trying.  

   I didn't mean to get this deep, but there you go. It's real life. A part of life that I don't understand, yeah, but no less real.  

   After the second show of the day, five of us got together for a game night.  It was so fun, like we were real friends.  Probably because we are real friends! It's so nice to be with people with whom I can truly just relax, speak my mind, make my jokes.  Oh, and my team won...

   Tomorrow is a day off, but at this point doesn't feel quite so day-off-ish as I had hoped.  See, I am participating in the Equity Fights Aids benefit that some of us in the cast are doing tomorrow.  This means a sound check at 4 (that I just found out about) and a show at 8 (but I did know about that, at least).  I am doing two songs, both original (well three if you count the opening number, but I am just doing a bit--it's a whole group sort of thing).  One is funny, one is not (hopefully, anyway).  

   I hope it goes well.  I can already tell I'll be nervous, but a good kind of nervous...

    Okay, time for bed. Really.  


Archie Mck said...

Sounds like an amazing place. It's truly staggering to me what God can enable people who trust him to endure, not only endure but help others at the same time. You're quite right in not being able to wrap your(our) minds around it. Good luck at the show, thanks for living a life that also helps others!

kathiek said...

Glad you got to go to church, Jess. Have a great show!