Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ramblings with pics

  Today, I got to my station in my dressing room and found this note, kindly left for me by our head of wardrobe:
  Apparently, she doesn't appreciate the fact that I have been traveling Bruce, the shark that Ian gave me, from theater to theater in my wardrobe box.  The thing is, I was under the impression that, as long as we can close the lid of our wardrobe box with all of the necessary accoutrements within, than we can put anything in our box.  I guess this did not include sharks, however.  I talked to her about it; she told me that sharks simply cannot go in the box.  I guess wardrobe people have to unpack our boxes and the sight of a shark is weird to them.  Go figure. I even told Donna that he didn't bite, but no dice.  Luckily, my friend Cliff walked by right at that moment and said under his breath: I think I can make room for him in my wardrobe box; I will put him at the bottom and nobody will know the difference (Cliff covers like four different roles, and so is allowed a very large box to fit all of his varying shoes in it, which is why the shark will be less noticeable in his box).  It sure is nice to have sneaky friends.  

   And also, my friend Ian rented this car today, and I got to ride around in it with him...
   Yep, it's a canary yellow, black racing striped, convertible corvette.  It's pretty hot.  When I was little, back when Jason had this really cool matchbox car collection, I would always go into his room during the day and play with the silver convertible corvette; it was, hands down, my favorite.  And now, I got to ride in one (minus the silver, of course--oh, and this one is a ton bigger).  We pretty much dominated the road.  Ian is a little embarrassed that it is bright yellow, but I love yellow and see no problem with it whatsoever.  Actually, the thing is sweet--more like a transformer than anything else I've ever seen.  Or maybe the batmobile.  But anyway, it is keyless, with just this fancy-shmancy button that you push to start it and the handles on the doors have sensors for your opening pleasure.  When we were at Starbucks, I couldn't help but tell the lady behind the cashier about Ian's car and how very sexy it was.  She listened kindly, and Ian just humbly said, Well, it's a rental.

   I was like, there's nothing wrong with leaving that part out...;-)

   I understand it's just a car, but every once in a while it really is fun to ride in something that is truly at the top of the line; a machine smoothly built in all the best ways. I am just saying I appreciate it, is all.  

   And what else?  We had an opening night party at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant here in Tempe and can I just say that I love pita bread?  Warm, doughy, soft, yeasty pita bread.  It is delicious.  At one point, they even had people break dishes on purpose--something about a Greek tradition in celebration.  Whatever, there were plenty of cast members who didn't need an excuse to cause such a glorious smash--made all the more glorious by the fact that we didn't have to clean it up.'s HOT here.  Seriously, you step outside and feel like you are in an actual oven, just getting cooked like you are Hansel and the Witch is thinking about her dinner.  Ian says it's like a continual Bikram yoga class (which is the hot yoga) in which there is no exit.  I have to say that I agree with his sentiment.  

   Just five more days till I take my red-eye home, but who's counting?  Oh, that's right--I am!!!!


Mom said...

I'm counting too!

erin said...

I'm counting also! Jess, I have been to Arizona, infact the family I stayed with lived in Tempe! I remember the hotness and the pebble yards. I am glad, however, that you got to ride in a bright yellow convertible. I always say, heat is bearable when and only when, there is a yellow convertible involved!
Love you Jess!!

jason said...

following in the footsteps of mimi with the corvette, eh?

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha--absolutely! Too bad Ian didn't rent a gold one!!!!

It's so funny that Mimi actually drove a gold corvette--and it was so fun when she would let pop drive it and it would go fast!

Anonymous said...

hey jess...loving the blog...and yeah, AZ is HOT! but i loved it there. anyhow can't wait to see the show when it's here. and if you have any interest in seeing state fair when you are home, do let me know. :)


Jessica Latshaw said...

Kelley! It's so nice to read your words! OF COURSE I want to see the show! I just hope that my schedule doesn't conflict; when does it run until?

Anonymous said...

hey! we started previews tuesday, and we close october 19. :)

Jenna said...

uh....i'm counting too! and you need to by a car like that asap cause you look hot in it!!

Jenna said...

and i just realized i spelled buy wrong. my b.