Wednesday, September 3, 2008


  Well, I always kinda wondered what would happen if I got a migraine during the show.

   At least, now I know.

   I was just standing there, on the line, listening to Connie Wong talk about being too short, when I started to see spots.  And then I knew: immense pain and nausea to follow.  At that point, my prayer was to make it through the show.  My sister-in-law, Darby, was texting me, so I let her know what was going on (this was off-stage of course; carrying a cell phone around when it is supposed to be 1975 might not allow the audience their suspension of disbelief, let alone texting), and she was kind enough to pray.     

   The thing you are supposed to do at the onset of a migraine is to immediately go to a dark and quiet room.  So, maybe the dancing and singing under the bright, shining-like-the-sun lights while the horns blasted and the drums thumped wasn't exactly what the doctor ordered, or even close, but it's over.  Now.

  I took some of my prescription cough medicine.  No, a migraine doesn't come with a cough, but this medicine knocks you out, which is the goal tonight.  I wish someone were here with me.  I actually like it when somebody talks to me and rubs my head when I feel this way; it is a welcome distraction from the pain.  

   And let me just end with this closing thought:Why couldn't this have occurred during the five hour long rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow?  Ugh.


Peaj said...

Poor thing. I'm amazed you made it through. Could you even focus on what you and the rest of the cast were doing?

I pray that all migraines would flee away and be scared to come near you.

Mom said...

oh, Jess! You needed someone with you rubbing your head! I wish there were no more migraines ever! I cannot imagine having to work while having a migraine. I don't see how you made it through! I hope you are feeling better today.

Pop said...

Wow.You're brave to gut it out like that, though I guess it wouldn't have worked to have an understudy step in for you during the show. The crowd would notice.
Migraines send me immediately into my bathtub to soak my head for an hour with a hot washcloth. I'm amazed you did the show. Amazed.

kathiek said...

Praise God you made it through, Jess!! I remember when we were at a Vineyard conference in Framingham and we (you, your mom & pop, me, I forget who else) were visiting Boston when suddenly you got a migraine. I felt so bad for you, you were really suffering! Do you have any idea what brings them on?

Jessica Latshaw said...

maybe chinese food--I had some before the show.

And I had some before I had my last migraine, too.

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten the leftover chinese food today;-/