Saturday, September 20, 2008


    I am not so good at waiting.  Ugh. And the hard part is that the only way to get better at something is to do it. A lot.  And I generally don't like things that I am not good at.  So, putting two and two together: I do not like waiting.  

    And I feel like I have to do it all the time.  

    Drew told me the good news that he was coming up here for sure, leaving yesterday early afternoon, so that he would be here after my show.  But, then he told me it would have to be a little later because he was borrowing a car (ours not being in such prime condition right now) and it wasn't available till early tomorrow morning.  The good part of this was that he could leave super early--like 5 am--and be here when I woke up...which was the next best thing to falling asleep next to him.  So, I handled this pretty well.  

    But then I woke up this morning and called him to find out how close he was...And he was still at home. Still. At. Home. in stupid, far away Delaware (sorry, I know Delaware isn't stupid, but when I get upset I sometimes say the word stupid; forgive me, it's my way of acting out).  He had woken up early to go, but had a monstrous headache and needed to get some more sleep so he could drive...Well, that is perfectly understandable, but I was so disappointed to hear that I would now have to wait some more...And I was a grump on the phone with him, which is not okay, but sometimes I get that way when I have to wait!

   So it's now six o'clock and I am here, still waiting.     
   I really should be better at this, considering all the waiting that is involved with my job alone:
  • waiting to sign in at an EPA (equity principal audition) or ECC (equity chorus call)
  • waiting to actually go in and sing or dance, once you have been signed in
  • waiting to hear if you got a callback
  • waiting to hear if you got the job
  • waiting to start your rehearsals
  • waiting for your scene in the show
  • waiting for Monday, your day off
  • waiting to go home again
  • waiting for visits from your loved ones
     God, give me patience...


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Whole heartedly. Nothing more to add, but that boat seems to have both of us on board at the moment.

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, and we might as well get comfortable in this boat--maybe even decorate it, make it look pretty and all that, since we're here anyway;-)

kathiek said...

Jess, I know what the problem're praying for know God will just keep giving you opportunities to exercise that patience...that means more waiting!! ;-P

Oh well, it can't be helped, I guess!

Jessica Latshaw said...

yeah, maybe I shouldn't ask for that, now that you bring it up;-)