Sunday, August 10, 2008

not so happy feet

         I am exhausted.  I am more than halfway through a five-show weekend, so this is good news.  What is the worst part of a five-show weekend, you may ask?  My feet start hurting like it's their job.  They ache all over with particular little shooting pains in the metatarsal area.  It's the heels, I know.  And I look with total envy at the other actors in the show who get to wear flats.  You can tell me this is wrong, but I will just tell you it is true.  You know, pointe shoes hurt a lot, but dancing in heels hurt even more.  Maybe I can see if Kristine can do the show in pointe shoes.  At this pointe, it would be a welcome change.

        After the show, there was a party in the lobby of the theater.  This came about because one of the girls in the cast is from Vancouver, Canada, and so her parents and 75 of their friends came to the show tonight.  And just to top it off, her dad rented out the lobby, catered it, paid for an open bar, and boom--the cast of ACL was mixing with the Canadians.  

       One Canadian in particular asked me a bunch of questions.  He had a french accent, so it was a little hard to understand him.  Or maybe he was just drunk and slurring his words, but whatever the case, I had to listen really hard so that I could intelligently answer him when he paused and looked at me expectantly.  I think most of the time I got it right.  He told me that I had a very familiar face and asked if I had been in something else that he might have seen.  Well, I think he was hoping I had been in a movie or something--and actually, I had been--but not in a way that one would really remember.   Let's face it, a featured extra in Annapolis isn't exactly going to stick in the viewers mind.  Luckily, my friend rescued me from that conversation. 

       So, two more shows tomorrow; feet, don't fail me now.  And then, San Diego and Drew and two glorious days off.  This means no heels.  Better yet, try barefoot on the beach.  

        And what is the best part of a five-show weekend, you may ask?  That I have a job--a good job, a great job, even.    



kathiek said...

Hang in there and ice your feet, you're over the hump, Jess. Before you know it, you'll be chilling with Drew!

jason said...

Wise man once say is better to have painful feet than no feet at all.

Jessica Latshaw said...

true, true

And Kathie--I always forget to ice my feet!