Saturday, August 23, 2008

my solution

      Well, thanks to you guys divulging your habits, I don't feel quite so abnormal anymore.  And I must say, my pop definitely takes the cake when it comes to amounts of weird behavior.  However, in the category of just plain weird/creepiness, Jason's comment comes out on top.  Too bad I don't have prizes for you guys; maybe at some point I will.

      Oh, and one more thing before I leave this topic behind: I did my ear trick a couple of times on stage tonight.  It worked, I think.  At least, I haven't gotten a note yet...And, honestly?  It felt so good; maybe even worth a note, if it comes to that.  

      Last night I slept in a new room.  The factors leading to this is a longish, uninteresting story, and I will not bore you with the details.  But, let me back up just a little...Gabby and I are subletting a little guest house from a family in Santa Ana right now.  The place is small, but very pretty.  And it is attached to this gorgeous house that looks like it should be in one of those magazines you see while waiting at the checkout line at Home Depot; you know, you're hoping that your card isn't declined as you hold the-soon-to-be-yours brand new toilet seat that is going to really spruce up your bathroom while you look at other people's homes that tout not only a fantastically amazing inside kitchen, but has an outdoor one too--for the ever important memorial day picnics and summer barbecues, you're guessing.
    Oh, this hasn't happened to you? 
    Well, anyway, the house is beautiful.  They have a lovely pool, too--with salt water (this is good for the skin and the hair, I am told).  And a large crocodile guards the place--thankfully, the large crocodile is not alive, otherwise I wouldn't go near the place.  But as I was saying, last night I slept in the 10 year old daughter's room--another work of art, very "shabby chic," the 10 year old tells me quite seriously.  Oh, and the 10 year old wasn't sleeping in the room, by the way; it was just me. 

     I go to bed and have this strange dream involving two bright white aliens.  And these aren't E.T. aliens who simply want to match a finger to yours; these are the mean, nasty kind.  I don't remember the details, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and feeling altogether scared. And that wasn't all I felt; I was also very hungry...But, too scared to go eat something!  So, I was stuck in this strange, shabby chic room, afraid of stupid aliens that, if pressed, I would have told you I knew there weren't really any in my nearby vicinity, all the while trying to convince my gurgling stomach that it wasn't actually hungry.  

   And I knew I was a long way from morning.  

    I do remember praying a little, and since I woke up at some point, I guess I ended up going back to sleep (my logic being that you can't very well wake up without first going to sleep, which I think is sound).  

    Okay, I don't want a repeat of last night.  Really.  And though I am not altogether sure how not to dream about bright white aliens, I am sure about this: I won't wake up hungry tonight.  How did I accomplish this, you may wonder?  Easy: a stop at the drive through at In N Out Burger on the way home from the theater tonight.  Mmm-hmm, just a sensible cheeseburger and fries to keep me full through the night.  I think it's a foolproof plan, actually.  It was definitely a tasty one. 


Pop said...

Hey, just a thought--whenever I sleep in a room other than my own, I pray over it and take temporary ownership of the spiritual atmosphere. I find I sleep a whole lot better, with far fewer strange dreams.

jason said...

bad news jessica... that was no dream. you were abducted and likely probed. My condolences.

kathiek said...

Jess, they say you wake up and are, inexplicably, hungry for In N Out cheeseburgers and fries after being probed by bright white aliens. So, sorry, Jase is probably right.

Jessica Latshaw said...

yeah, I did pray over the room:-)

and shoot, I didn't ever want to meet an alien-I thought I had made that very clear!!!

semi anonymous said...

Blair witch project was boring, Alien was just gross, Friday the Thirteenth puts me to sleep. But one movie that really creeped me out was Fire in the Sky, which has a brief alien abduction scene, and it comes back to me in my sleep sometimes. There was an episode of Star Trek TNG which was very similar, aliens looming over individuals kidnapped and strapped to tables. Shudder. Whenver I wake up from a bad dream and can't get back to sleep, I pray (as soon as I remember, right after my heart slows down a little). I feel exactly the same as you, frozen to the bed, to scared to get up for the bathroom or the kitchen. It continually amazes me the number of spiritual weapons that exist to act against us, thank goodness for the power of god.

In and out burger was one of the things I sorely missed after moving out of L.A. for here, they have now come to us under the banner of "five guys." A little too far to drive to regularly, but really great to have when you're in the mood. I guess I've been visited by aliens?

Jessica Latshaw said...

uh-oh, according to Kathie, that would be affirmative!