Monday, August 25, 2008

another sunday come and gone

       Wow, today was full.  It was good, don't get me wrong, but certainly did not involve very much down time.  And by that, I mean did not involve any downtime. Unless you count right now, which, technically, is tomorrow.  

        It started with a determination to get to church.  This led to the necessity of setting the alarm clock in the dreaded nines, as we night owls like to call it.  Yep, it was a 9:15 riser.  Whew.  But it was mind over matter for me as I got out of bed, quickly ate some cereal, and jumped in the car, en route to the Anaheim Vineyard.  

    It was church, people!  It was a true-blue Sunday morning, just me in my jeans and dress (which was a little short without the jeans because, well, it was church, people!), strolling into the modern-day chapel five minutes late (but I was in good company--remember this is a Vineyard we're talking about here).  I could hear the worship music and I recognized the song, which was so very welcome.  A girl was leading worship, too--a girl on a piano, which is, I gotta admit, one of my favorite duos (yeah, I am biased, but this is my blog; if you want to start your own blog and voice how you think that a monkey on a banjo is actually the best musical duo, be my guest. Knowing me, I would probably both read it and comment on it).  

   Anyway, I sang my heart out.  I harmonized above the melody, then below, switching whenever I felt like it and feeling all around content to be there.  It was really nice.  Also, I was greeted as I walked through the door, which is more than I can say about the church I visited in Denver...Sad, but true.  After the worship time, the lady in front of me turned around and told me that I have a voice like an angel.  This was very nice to hear since, playing dear old tone-deaf Kristine, I generally get told by those who hear me sing that I am funny--or even adorable--but angelic has never been used to describe me.  At least not in A Chorus Line.  

  The teaching was good--though I get pretty antsy while listening to teachings, I will admit.  The guy, Linus, I think it was, spoke about renewing our vision; it was pretty general in that basically he told us to put our focus back on Jesus, but really, who doesn't need to be reminded of that?  I am not about to say: Yeah, I got it, but thanks anyway.  Nope, you can tell me everyday to put my focus right back where it belongs; really, I'm fine with it. Just be kind about it, is all I ask.

  Then, I got back to the theater for a 1 o'clock matinee.  It was fine--just the same old killer heels to wrestle with through the show.  I think they won, though, considering how very much they hurt my poor, never-were-created-for-heels-I-am-now-convinced-of-this feet.  After the matinee, company management threw us a barbecue.  It was lovely of them, suspiciously so. The whole time we were wondering why they did it and if there was some kind of bad news they were going to break to us while we all had our mouths stuffed with potato salad and hot dogs and therefore couldn't complain.  Like maybe they were gonna tell us that we would no longer get per diem, but the company would be happy to provide a barbecue for us every Sunday afternoon.  Or that they were adding a midnight showing to the roster, but the good news was that the hot dogs were re-heatable.  However, we ate all the food and didn't hear one bad thing.  I guess they were just being nice.  

   After we ate our fill, four of us got together to do a read-through of a play, Dinner With Friends.  It's actually this amazing piece of work (pulitzer prize winning and everything) that centers around conversations involving two different married couples.  The ending is beautiful, but the whole play is very thought-provoking and emotionally evocative. I enjoyed it immensely. 

  By the time we finished, it was time to get ready for our last show of the week...Which, again, went well--would have been perfect, actually, if not for those flippin heels!  And to celebrate the end of another 8-show week, we went to a restaurant and ate.  And ate some more.  Yeah, no waking up to find food in the middle of this night--I'm good till morning.  

   And tomorrow is Monday. Beautiful, free-to-do-whatever-the-heck-I-want Monday.  


Peaj said...

Glad you had a chance to go to church. Good for that lady that took the risk to compliment your voice. I bet she had a great worship time too.

min said...

jess- I myself am a avoid-the-heels-if-you-can kind of lady. I sympathize with your poor feet! How sad they must be! Anyway, glad to hear you made it to church and sang like an angel (not too hard for you I am sure). Sounds like things are going well... And just to let you know I am so excited that you are going to be in Philly. I just got a brochure from the kimmel center and YOU are on it!!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

MIndy--that is so cool! And now that I think about it, I don't think I have seen you in heels very much--smart lady!

Hope you had a great time in CA!!

kathiek said...

I am glad you were able to get to church, even if it did make your day hectic!

It is a shame you were not able to enjoy your BBQ without feeling like something was hanging over your heads.

Is Dinner with Friends something you want to do/will do in the future?

semi anonymous said...

Jess, I was always excited if I walked into the barn on any given Sunday and you were there, singing with the keyboard. There are lot of great musicians there, but the girl with the piano was one of my favorite duos too. I guess I can relate!

Jessica Latshaw said...

aw, thanks, Semi-A!

And--actually there is a small group of people within the cast who get together for an acting critique every week--I am gonna start going and my friend and I will be using one of the scenes from Dinner With Friends.

Pop said...

Hey Jess, Yea to you for finally visiting "the mother ship," Vineyard Anaheim! Sorry you didn't get to hear the main pastor speak, but sounds like you loved the worship. Big place, huh? The House that John (Wimber) built. The more I explore and examine other brands and fashions of "church," the more I appreciate the diversity but the more also I appreciate the Vineyard's solid but not crazy flashy approach. Did you feel loved?