Monday, August 18, 2008

dance shots

    Drew and I went to La Jolla (pronounced, la hoy-a) today.  It's so beautiful there; all blue waves crashing into rocks and cliffs with little white caps reminding you that the ocean isn't exactly tame.  Anyway, we took a few dance shots on the rocks.  Here I am in arabesque:
   And then it was Drew's turn:
    Please bear in mind he doesn't have the exact same amount of training that I do; he's just naturally good.  Actually, we started cracking up while I was taking his picture because people were walking by and probably thinking that we were seriously trying to take some full body dance shots for him.  And that is hysterical.  We have a few more, but we both agreed this one captured his form and technique best.

     Then I noticed a word that I really love carved in the stone, so I captured it:
    And again, here is a beautiful, timeless phrase:
  Catching on to what I was doing, Drew asked for the camera.  He mentioned that he had found something really meaningful and would like to document it as well.  Well, sure I thought, how sweet, I reasoned.  And then, when I was flipping through the images, I saw this:
      Well, isn't that just so romantic?  

      Don't worry guys, we're married.  And since Merry already let the cat out of the bag a few posts back, I figured this would be okay to post...

    But on a serious note, we've had a really wonderful time here for the last week.  Tomorrow I have to say good-bye to him, which doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times I say it.  But I know that the same grace that has carried me through every day in the past will be with me in abundance tomorrow.  It has to; I rely on it.  It's that simple. 

    And in exactly three weeks from today, I will be home--for the first time since April!!!! Has a whole summer really passed since I've been home?  Wow.  I can hardly wait to be there again--breathing in good, East-coast air (don't even try to tell me about those dupont chemicals; to me, that air is sweet!), seeing the deep green of our forests, and hugging the people I love (for a not-so-touchy-Latshaw, a homecoming is one of the few things that warrants a hug--just kidding. kinda).   

    Another good thing: I am really lightening my load because I am sending Drew home with a ton of my stuff!!! When you live out of a suitcase, it is so nice to pare down.  You also realize that if you haven't worn a pair of pants since you left home late spring, then it is probably safe to send them home.  Which is what I am doing.  Oh, and at least some of our little family will be reunited because Drew will be picking up our two kitties from Michele's house (where she has graciously kept them for us all summer--thanks a TON!) on Wednesday evening--so at least three of us will be together.  Drew has admitted to me recently that he is very excited to see them again.  This makes my heart glad.  

    Okay, that's about it for now.  Good night.  


Peaj said...

Such form! Such grace! Jess, you look nice too. ;-)

I must say, given an ocean, performing dance moves in front of it is probably the last thing I would think to do.

Your "Merry let the cat out of the bag" comment reminds me of a friend who was nervous about "showing" during her first pregnancy because "then everyone will know that we were having sex." Well, duh. We can see the ring, you know. I guess she got over it, because now she has seven kids.

Oh, and by the way, sex can be romantic. Just to open your horizons a bit.

kathiek said...

I think Drew missed his calling. ;-)

Jess, while saying good-bye to Drew will be hard, knowing that you will be home in 3 weeks has to soften that just a bit! At least around the edges? It will be great to see you.

mom said...

I know many people who are so excited you are coming home! In case you didn't know, I'm a major one of them!!!!

Peaj said...

Shall we make a huge banner that says "Welcome Home, Jess!!!!!!" the way you always see on TV? Do they use bedsheets for those things? Should there be cake?

Pop said...

You know, it's tough to admit, but Drew's form is just slightly better than yours, Jess--outstreched arm more horizontal, fingers artistically askew, six-pack on display (though the shadows obscure this detail). Certainly impressive...Conjure a vision of cute sea creatures leaning out of the waves, singing sweetly,like in Little Mermaid.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--I love cake!

Pop--I was laughing so hard when I read your comment that I had to stop and start over again three times when trying to relay it to drew!

Peaj said...

What kind of cake? Do you go more for the yellow-cake-with-white-frosting classic wedding-type cake, or are you more of a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chocolate chocolate type of girl?

Or maybe one of those with an unnatural affinity toward cakes with fruit involved? Just curious.