Tuesday, August 12, 2008

to thank an angel. or not.

Yesterday, I looked at my friend John quite seriously and said,

            John, do you want to see an angel?

Now, the only problem was that I said this in a way that made it sound like if he just followed me I would show him one, like I knew where one was hiding; when really, I just thought it was an interesting topic of conversation.  But if he thought that, given the word, I was maybe just gonna open the closet door and show him one huddled in the dark corner, wings wrapped tightly around its incandescence, then I can't properly blame him for looking up from his macbook and simply saying, Uh. No.

         But, why not? I asked.
         Well, for one thing--I am not sure I believe in angels.  And another thing, what if it's a ghost? John replied.

          So I was like, Oh, John--of course there are angels!  They are messengers from God, they protect us and tell us good things, it says so in the Bible.  And they are very different from ghosts, I am pretty sure.  I think they are discernibly different from each other, in fact.  

         Always quick to respond, John said, Well, I am not sure I believe everything in the Bible, and anyway, why do I need to see an angel?  I mean, if something good happens in my life, I thank God; I don't thank an angel.

         Agreeing with him, at least about the last part, I said, Oh of course not, you shouldn't thank an angel...

         And pouncing on that one sentiment, he took it and ran with it as he said, Oh really? Is that the rule?  You never thank an angel?!?! And what would happen if I did thank an angel?

         And I just laughed.  Because a). I really don't know all the rules of proper etiquette when it comes to dealing with angels and b). as heavenly beings, I imagine they are kind, or at least good, and so would maybe just politely say you're welcome when they really have helped me, or would simply say you should thank God, because he is the one who told it to help me/spread the word/whatever in the first place, which is really what I meant when I said you shouldn't thank an angel.  



Drew said...

Angels are awesome. Especially Archangels. With swords.