Monday, August 4, 2008

my drew

Drew only pretends to be a fratboy, he really isn't one (but the pit stains are the real deal, unfortunately).
Drew does not, however, have to pretend to be good with children, he really is.  Maybe because he can be a big kid himself sometimes, but they just love him.  Our nieces and nephews instantly brighten when he comes into a room--and then demand that he does something crazy or funny.  Drew usually acquiesces, and I hope he doesn't feel like a trained monkey or anything--its just that he's so funny!   And Drew doesn't always have the I'm-holding-an-alien-and-I-hope-it-returns-to-mars-soon look on his face when he holds a kid, sometimes he even looks happy.

   Drew never looks like this when he is listening to me...he is quite attentive...
And Drew really looks quite fabulous in a red leotard.  Maybe he got jealous because I get to wear a leotard in my show.  Maybe that's why he insisted on wearing one in Godspell.  Whatever the reason, he rocks it.  

     One more reason I love Drew:

            He takes one for the team. There was one time, very very long ago and unprecedented for me, I can assure you, that I had a small wart on the bottom of my toe.  Now, I am a dancer and so find myself barefoot on many different surfaces in many places, so please don't judge.  Because of this wart, I had to buy some medicine with the very subtle and non-embarrassing title of wart-off. Good thing, otherwise people might have figured out what the medicine was for.  However, with that name, my secret was safe.  But just to be sure, I was careful to always keep the bottle hidden in the bathroom, away from prying eyes.  

           Well, one night, Jonathan had asked us to have our kinship group (essentially a small gathering of people who have church together) at our apartment instead of his house.  Drew and I were fine with that and opened our door to the group.  Before the meeting had officially started, but after everyone had arrived, I noticed with more than a little alarm that I had left the bottle of wart-off in the living room, of all places.  I guess in the hustle and bustle of getting things ready, I had completely forgotten to squirrel that away (ha, I used squirrel as a verb--that is so something my pop would say!).  Anyway, I looked at it, and immediately got Drew's attention and indicated to him what I was referring to.  He didn't hesitate before he said, Don't worry, if anybody notices, I'll let them know it's for me.  Well, my fears were instantly assuaged.  What a hero, that guy.  


Anonymous said...

I love this story. I hope you don't stop blogging when the tour is over.

Mom said...

Drew, in some ways, is like Pop. One could write pages and pages about him and still there would be more to write. One of those impressive, unforgettable people! I miss Drew! So glad we get to see him next Sunday!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I don't think I will stop blogging, anon--I am pretty sure I enjoy writing this blog more than anyone enjoys reading it!

jason j said...

I miss my Drew too.. thankfully He'll be back in time for football season

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yes, Drew will def be back for football season with his eagles jersey, hat, socks, and jacket on securely!

Every year he tells me that next year he will NOT do a show--or anything that will cause him to miss any games. I think think that he will actually stick to that this year.

Peaj said...

Eagles! Yay!

Jess, long ago, in a moment of affection for you and Drew, I suggested that we get together sometime for dinner. Unfortunately, it never happened.

This post renewed that affection for you guys and reminded me of that offer, and so I would like to repeat the invitation of dinner for you two for when you are both within 50 miles of here (don't think I'll be flying to seattle anytime soon). I know that i'll have to wait until you are tired of seeing Latshaws (is that possible?!?) and other chums (ha! shark!), but maybe it could work out this time.

Though i hardly know him, i like drew too.

kathiek said...

I can definitely see Drew being great with kids...he's a big kid love that when it is genuine and not just a put-on to try to get in good with them.

Do you READ your own blog (and other people's comments on it), Jess?!? Many people (including me) enjoy reading your blog! :-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--dinner is on! Just as soon as we are both in the same area with you:-) thanks for the invite!

Kathie--I think I didn't say that well--I only meant that I really enjoy writing and sharing my life with all you guys--especially since I am far away. It's something that I truly look forward to. And I appreciate you guys reading it and commenting so much!!!

kathiek said...

Well, you make it easy, Jess! Your accounts are very interesting, entertaining, and well-written.

Anonymous said...

I second Kathie's comment. Why write a new comment when someone else says it so perfectly and gives you the chance to be lazy?