Sunday, September 27, 2009

why this sunday was pretty good

Today was a pretty good day.

I woke up kind of late. Something to do with late conversations about cereal, I am sure.

But then I got myself to the theater. I had planned on taking the warm-up class that our veneered choreographer gives when she is in town, but I didn't quite leave my hotel in time. Oops.

Something to do with getting up late because of late conversations about cereal.

But I already mentioned that.

So I warmed myself up on stage, which is what I do most of the time anyway. And aside from being afraid that I was about to get a migraine after I stared at the lights a little too long and started seeing spots because of it (the warm-up act for my migraines is what doctors call an aura. I see spots and have blurred vision and it fills me with dread because once the aura comes, I know what is coming next. And if you've ever suffered a migraine, than you know what I'm talking about, though I sincerely hope for your sake that you don't.), I got warm and all that.

Oh yeah, and I didn't get a migraine. Turns out those bright lights on the stage make you see spots and it doesn't always mean you're gonna have to find somebody to please remove your head in just a little while. You'll know when because I will be squirming and writhing and moaning, thank you. So I was relieved that this wasn't the case.

And then I did a show. And honestly? I've done so many now that it's hard to remember one itty bitty matinee* on a Sunday.

*notice I said MATINEE, as in afternoon performance and not, MANATEE, as in large and lovable sea creature that I swam with in Florida. Though I will still probably get at least one comment that says they thought I was confessing I had DONE a MANATEE and ewwwwwww and isn't that funny?! And here I go proving my brother Jason, who once told the world wide web that I often write about manatees on my blog, right yet again by mentioning manatees.

I cannot win.

And if you did think that I said MANATEE instead of MATINEE and happen to think it's funny, well I agree: it is funny.

Moving on.

So I did the show and it went well and I don't think I made any mistakes, so that's good. I even managed to make some people laugh, which is even better than just not making mistakes, if I do say so myself.

But if you sang really badly in front of thousands of people while wearing a leotard you could probably make them laugh too.

Oh, and another part of the day that made it good was that the Eagles won.
Go Green.

But after I woke up kind of late and after I got out of my hotel room late and missed the warm-up class and after I was afraid I was getting a migraine but I was really just underneath some bright lights and after I did a show in which I don't think I made any mistakes and managed to make some people laugh in the process and after the Eagles won--well, after all that, something great happened.

It looked like this.

And oh my goodness it was so good. If I used expletives I might be tempted to insert one there, just as an accent, just to let you know that Memphis doesn't joke around when it comes to home cooked meals.

In large platters.

And many different colors.

And lots and lots of butter, I'd bet.

It's a tradition here at the Orpheum Theater for the ushers and friends of the theater to cook and bake their best from their own respective kitchens and then feed us a feast to end all feasts.

I mean, just look at it.
The only problem was that we had to do another show after this southern feast, so you know, I had to content myself with just one plate.

One packed plate.

Of food stacked right on top of each other.

Cause I had decided on just one plate.

And the pecan pie was heavenly. Just crumbled goodness on a fork.

Oh, and the sweet potatoes even rivaled my sister-in-law, Rebekah's. Sorry Rebekah, but it's true. I didn't say they were better, mind you; I merely asserted the fact that they were contenders. But I think we can all agree that there is room in this great big world for two different plates of out-if-this-world delicious sweet potatoes.

And Memphis and Maryland are far enough apart from each other to let bygones be bygones, I'd say.

And another great part about this meal?

They gave each of us a to-go box and let us have at it.

So I got to take this

And ate it after the second show, because believe it or not, after that first feast my stomach managed to get hungry all over again.

Yep, a pretty good day.


James Ricardo The Actor said...

MMMMM that looks so amazing!!!!!! I missed it because I went to the museum. YUMMY I bet? And The Steeler's LOST! UGH! BUT YAY EAGLES!

mom said...

Where's my question?

Anonymous said...

You were so great yesterday and thanks to you and the rest of the cast for showing my friend, Lois, the 95 year old former dancer, a little attention. She talked about it all the way home.

merry said...

Yes, that looks delicious. Mike and I were at the Eagles game in really great seats. Go Green.

kathiek said...

How lovely that the orpheum does that for y' gracious...not to mention, YUMMY!

kathiek said...

Oops, I mean, "Orpheum"!

Jessica Latshaw said...

JR--tough times for Steelers fans...:(

mlcoffman--oh my gosh, we were HONORED to meet your friend and see her beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous lady; thank you for bringing her! And coming yourself, of course!

Mer--what a great game you guys got to attend! That's awesome.

Kathie--yes, the Orpheum has southern hospitality down to a science!

Michele said...

Yummy, yummy food! Glad you saw the triple charge for the room - hope they didn't give you a hard time! Maybe that's how they pay for that delicious meal!