Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just to let you know

I will not be blogging as frequently for a stretch here. My sweet Drew has some time off work, as do I right now, and I am gonna jump on this and let some other things go as I focus on being home with him.

And other things totally means my blog. But so as not to make this dear blog feel singled out, it also may or may not mean going to the gym.

We'll see.

Please enjoy yourselves and I'll try not to forget how to write or use a treadmill in the meantime.


kathiek said...

You get in all the Drew time you can, Jess, have fun!

Michele said...

I will miss you, but you have earned a break (and even if you haven't, you are allowed to take one :)) Maybe we can share a meal while you're home. Text me.

whateverhater said...

UNACCEPTABLE! You need to go to the gym!


mom said...

Good for you!

Jessica Latshaw said...

JC, don't be a hater. It's not nice...And okay, maybe I will go to a gym...:)

p.s. I know you aren't a hater