Thursday, September 10, 2009

candles and boots and coats and football can only mean one thing

The air has gotten cooler, haven't you noticed?

And I'm ready.

For the fall.

I think most of us are, in our own way.

Drew has welcomed this new season by watching football whole-heartedly. And even now that exciting and canned theme music with way too much treble is blaring from our speakers as the Titans and the Steelers compete for a win.

And me?

Well, I got some candles today.
Pumpkin spice and apple pie.

Enough said.

And I opened up this gorgeous and hand-made wedding invitation from my dear friend Betsy.
I should also say hand-sewn. Cause she's amazing like that. And she's a beautiful autumn bride. Perfect.

And I've dusted off my boots, debating wearing a pair tomorrow.
I also perused my latest Urban Outfitters catalogue, dreaming of owning a pair of their boots.

Perhaps someday.

Although I know exactly where my dream boots are. Spanish leather. Black. Sold at Barney's. And not in my closet.

Perhaps someday.

And I've also started getting excited about my coats again.
The different textures. The colors.

And even Drew purchased a cable-knit sweater yesterday, in honor of fall.

Are your thoughts turning towards fall quite yet?


Betsy said...

aww jess, i'm so excited that our invitation made your blog!!! i was also excited to see the blue and green plaid coat that you bought in Portland, OR. what a wonderful place and day!

Jessica Latshaw said...

wasn't it, though? I mean, that day stands out as maybe the BEST day of that whole tour. Magical. And your invitation is SO BEAUTIFUL. I mean, I don't know how long it has been buried in our mail, but I am kind of glad it was cause it was such a pleasant surprise to open tonight...not that I was invited to the wedding, of course, but that I got to SEE it. Right in front of me. Fall in an envelope. Love it!

christine said...

I love how you wrote a post about not blogging much but you can't seem to stay away : ) Is this two posts in one day? It just makes me smile because I can't get myself to write even somewhat consistently and even when you try not to write, you don't seem to be able to. I love it! And I love you : ) Very glad you get to be home for a visit again.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I love love love The Fall, The Weather, My BDAY, Sweaters, Light Jackets! YAY! Only problem is my allergies, but I will deal! Lovely invitation from your friend, And lastly! HERE WE GO STEELERS! HERE WE GO!

Mandy and Jack said...

Ooooh yes. My friends think I'm crazy because it's still 90 degrees outside and Jack and I brought out the Fall decor on September 1 anyway. We're totally Autumn-ed out. It's fabulous. We even change out our shower curtain. Because we're obsessive.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Christine--I know. That post has made me out to look quite ridiculous, right? And I also went to the gym today. Oh well...:)

JR--your BDAY is coming up? YAY!!! Do we all get to spend it together? Good times, my friend! And JR, the Steelers have now had 6 superbowl wins!!! Are you just crazy with pride for your team? Cause i would be...!

Mandy--you even change out your shower curtain? LOVE IT. I can only imagine what you guys must do for Christmas!!!

Mom said...

FAvorite time of the year for me: fall. But I have a theory: people LOVE the season in which they were born.

And Betsy: congratulations and what a lovely invitation! Obviously you are multi-gifted!

kathiek said...

I LOVE the fall! I was born in November, so maybe your mom has something there. In fact, I am wearing flannel pajamas as I write this...and socks...and my ceiling fan is on! I have been enjoying the cooler temps in the morning and evening. I love autumnal colors, too, they really suit me. Crisp, crunchy, juicy apples...cocoa...soups...chili...stew...oatmeal...foods I associate with fall, not to mention Thanksgiving dinner! Tasty and comforting, I love them! Jackets, sweaters, boots...oh, MY HATS...I can't wait!