Thursday, September 10, 2009

black and white and food downstairs

Yep, that's right, a new bloggety design.

It was past time cause that green was even beginning to annoy me.

And I happen to be a big fan of green.

In the Great Change of '09 I lost a few widgets and gadgets that I am currently trying to track down and get back, but other than that, I am pleased with this new design of black and white (and read all over. Get it? It's a blog, so you read it, like that old joke about the newspaper,What's black and white and read all over? only you say it instead of read it, so you think they're referring to a color rather than an act. That's the clever part. Oh, am I getting way too in depth for this tired old joke? Sorry).

But as to the missing widgets and gadgets, I've asked some of the best internet people I know about those. A brother and a friend. Oh, but they are two different people. I guess one is my brother and my friend, but the other is not my brother cause she's a girl and a Hornbuckle, so not my brother, see? But a friend.


After only sleeping a measly five hours or so on Tuesday night, I made up for it smashingly by sleeping fourteen hours last night.

It's a good thing that I finally woke up or else people might have wondered if I had gone and met my Maker.

Ah, people being Drew and the cats, considering they are the only ones around this morning. But still.

Although it wouldn't have been the first time to have met him, my Maker, that is; I've met him already, and honestly, I am in no rush to leave this earth. Not because he isn't awesome or anything like that, though. Maybe it's all the green, cause I do love green as I said before, and there happens to be a ton of green things here.

And maybe it's the people too.

Okay, definitely it's the people.

People like my mom, who make sure that my kitchen looks like this,

stocked with all sorts of delicious and American food, so that I don't have to go to bed hungry.

You know, they don't have pretzels in Japan.

Okay, they sort of do, but they aren't the same. And the same goes for Ritz crackers, too, if you were wondering.

And I was craving some pretzels like crazy. For a month. And now they are downstairs in our kitchen, just a stairs descent away, and this makes me feel so happy.

It's amazing how much comfort a well-stocked kitchen can provide.


Mandy and Jack said...

Aww friend and Hornbuckle but not brother. That's me!

Congrats on all the food! I'm very happy for your taste buds. :)

jason said...

Looks really nice. You know I'm itching to get you on wordpress some day though, right? I tried to help on the widgets problem, let me know if what I sent you worked.

Dick Ronkulous said...

yes, that's you, Mandy!!

and Jase--I'm gonna try what you sent me (and you too, Mandy!) and I am sure it will work...Just haven't sat down yet to get to it.

And I really wanna get on wordpress too...hopefully before too long!

and p.s. I am a liar. I both blogged AND went to the gym today.Ha!

jessica said...

oops. that was me, Jess, NOT dick ronkulous, as you can see...

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Love the kitchen treats! Change is good, but Jess GREEN is my favorite color..LOL

kathiek said...

Ooh, Jess, I love the new blog design, très élégant! I hope you get all your widgety things back.