Saturday, September 5, 2009

fun with sticks

I remember once my sister-in-law remarked upon how funny it was that her kids had accumulated so many toys over the years.

Because really, Rebekah said, they end up playing with a string more than anything else.

A string.

And who knows where it had even come from. Certainly not Toys R Us.

Apparently, her kids had been into playing doggie and used that string as the leash. Sounds like fun to me. But my point is, put a little creativity into the mix, and voila! you end up having a good time.

Take the other night, for example.

And since I've been in Japan for the last month, I use the term the other night very loosely.

Drew and I were at my brother and sister-in-law's house and, in what is becoming something of a tradition for us, Drew brought out the stick.
A stick that you simply attach to your chin, while standing in a clear space. We even put some pillows in the corners to try to minimize any potential damage to people or furniture.
At first, it doesn't seem all that interesting. At least not for the spectators.
You are simply spinning with this stick on your chin, looking up at the ceiling, counting to 30 rotations.

But then once those 30 turns have been completed, the fun begins.

The object is to throw the stick on the ground and simply jump over it.

Shouldn't be too hard, right?


Maybe the hardest thing you'll ever do. And 9 out of 10 people don't end up accomplishing it.

But they sure do end up like this.
The next rainy day, you should try it.

If you've exhausted your game of doggie, that is. Or lost your string, whichever comes first.

And tonight, we had a big closing party, since we finish out our Japan leg of the tour tomorrow. Part of it was in honor of our dear Production Stage Manager, Ray, who is leaving us after Japan in order to go do Dream Girls.

A moment of silence please, because this makes me very very sad.

But another part of it was to honor us, which was so very kind.

They gave each one of us an authentic Japanese traveling bag with our names embroidered on it. They even had Japanese characters underneath our American names, which is just so special.
They tried to pick out a pattern according to each of our characters in the show, and I gotta say I think they got it spot on with these polka dots.

Oh, and the meaning of the three Japanese words for my name?

Ground. Design. Deer.

Love all three; I think it suits me just fine.

Much better than my friend Amos' whose name means:

Love. Burning love. Vinegar.

Ha! Vinegar!!!

Can hardly believe that my time here is coming to a close...OR THAT MY FIRST SHOW TOMORROW IS AT 11 am!!!!


Yes, 11am. Ouch. That is eeeaaaarrrrllllyyy.

Better get to bed...


peaj said...

Yay! You're coming stateside soon!

My theory is that the 11am show is just in case you didn't want to come home and were starting to like staying in Japan. You know, to sort of say, "Nope, you don't want any more of this. If you stay, we'll make you get up early."

Just a theory.

Michele said...

Love the halo on your butt :) Looks like a fun game :)

jason said...

It's amazing that you're coming home already. Seems like you just left for Japan! Wait, are you coming home, or just back to the US?

Who picked out Drew and Jonathan's outfits for your get together? Foot Locker?

Jessica Latshaw said...

ha! yes, footlocker is now paying me for promotions on this blog...BIG bucks, too...!

And yes, I am coming HOME. For two weeks, and then back on the road again.

Jonathan Latshaw said...

That picture of me is so weird! My head looks all squeezed and shriveled. Thanks Jess for posting that beauty!

Jess said...

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, Jonathan, but your head IS squeezed and shriveled!!!:-p