Thursday, September 24, 2009

conversations in Memphis

Today I was at the front desk of my hotel, about to ask for a voucher to go to the gym that is actually bigger than a breadbox unlike the hotel's gym, when the clerk beat me to the punch.

Do you sing? he asked.

Huh? I said, not really following, though I guess the question was pretty clear.

Do. You. Sing? he repeated, slower this time.

Uh...yeah...I said hesitantly, still not sure where he was going.

Well then, why do you lie about it? he queried with a smile.

And this time a BLANK STARE is all he got from me in response.

So he started to sing.
Badly, I might add.
Until finally, it dawned on me.

And yes, after a year and a half you'd think I would be a little faster on the uptake, but what can I say? I was on my way to the gym, whoever I would be playing later that night was a million miles away from my mind.

So finally, I matched his smile and asked him if he saw the show last night.

You betcha! he said, laughing now. And it was terrific, you were just great! And after some thanks on my part and with the voucher in hand, I was on my way to the gym.

Smiling the whole time.

But if I had a dollar for every time somebody has asked me if I can sing over the past year and a half...Let's just say that I might actually own a Betsy Johnson dress.

Instead of, you know, searching for them on ebay every once in a while.

And one more anecdote.

Yesterday my friend Brandon and I were sharing the elevator with a few of the maids from the hotel. They asked us if we were in the show in town and we said yes. They asked us which show, we answered appropriately.

Which is when one of them, the larger of the two, started doing a fantastic kick line for one. Just jumping up and down in that elevator, the stripes of her uniform blurring with her motion. The elevator was jumping a little too, as if to not be left out in this spontaneous dance in honor of A Chorus Line.

And we all laughed.

And then the dancing maid asked, Can I come o'er there an try out?

Silence for a moment.

I said, Well...and looked to Brandon for help.

Articulate, I know.

He then repeated my Well...and added with quite a serious tone, They are holding auditions in New York City in October...

Which is when Large Dancing Maid threw back her head and burst out into a beautiful bubbling laughter that just could have started that elevator jumping again, had it lasted long enough.

Chile, I was jes joking! I cain't be in no musical on the stage!!!

And then that powerful laughter started again, and this time we couldn't help but join in too.


Karenkool said...

Sounds like Memphis. Haa!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

FUN, I wish I was with you to experience that!

Mandy and Jack said...

Oh that's such a cute story. And I think the fact that people aren't sure if you can actually sing means you're a good actress, playing someone who can't sing and all. :)

Do you ever think about all the "Kristines" that have gone before you, and how they probably got asked the same question by their fans?

kathiek said...

Sounds like a bunch of pranksters down there in Memphis, Jess! ;-]

Jessica Latshaw said...

Mandy--I am sure that the Kristines before me have felt the same way:)

Anna K said...

This made me smile!

Nina said...

Love the elevator story. Hope Memphis provides many more entertaining moments for you.