Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I traveled a lot yesterday.

Monday went on forever, it seemed; In fact, it was about 13 hours longer than it should have been.

But when it comes to enduring however many hours it takes to get home, who's counting, really?

Not me.

Besides, those hours will happen no matter what. Might as well be spending them getting somewhere good. What's two bus trips, two flights, two movies, many meals, and multiple games of solitaire--one of which I actually won?

Not much.

Except for when I won, then it was a lot.

And it's been nice to hear Drew play my guitar; he makes it sing with a voice I had yet to hear.

It was nice walking my mom's doggies with her early in the day.

Heck, it was even sort of nice waking up at 5:30 am, since I was waking in my own bed to a still gray morning in which the sun was slowly rising, casting dawn upon us all like a spell. Like a beautiful spell that fills the world with light, and I am no exception so I'll happily stand in place besides the rest of creation and wait to be filled with a new expectation for the day.

Wait to be filled with the dawn.

Thank God there is one every day.


sherri said...

Welcome back!
Enjoy home.

Michele said...

Ah, our hope filled, peace spreading Jessica - back home at last!

kathiek said...

Welcome home, Jess!

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, ladies:)

Arwen & Strider said...

Woo Hoo!

Jessica Latshaw said...

arwen and strider--how sweet of you to comment here! I always knew you were super special dogs, but now that I see you can read and navigate blogs, I am in awe!!!